We’re Adopting!

A Labrador Retriever puppy!

I’ve been excited about this for a couple weeks, but wasn’t sure about it until a few days ago.

So you guys know I have a cat and I worship the litter he walks on, right? I’ve never had a dog. And you guys know we’ve been wanting to adopt a pup, and Mr. MLACS has said a Labrador is the best family dog (even though I admire more exotic breeds, like Rhodesian Ridgebacks–but they are African-lion-hunting-dogs, so we aren’t choosing that to be our first family canine).

So…I was at my childhood BFF’s house the other day (she is a teacher and home for the summer with her kiddos) and I was admiring their chocolate lab. She is a beautiful dog, and come to find out we have a lot in-common! She has stomach issues too–the poor dear is allergic to…ready for this…PROTEIN! A dog that is allergic to protein. I was like “Is that the canine version of phenylketonuria?” Very strange. But you know, I am also “special”, so that endeared her to me. I asked my friend where this pup came from, and I was informed that she came from a very reputable breeder a few hours south of where we live–these folks only raise two litters a year and they have a prestigious pedigree and are bred and trained to hunt (not that I know squat about that, but Mr. MLACS’s grew up with pedigreed hunting dogs). This particular pup was the “runt” of the litter and that may be why she has the health issue (protein intolerance). It is hard for the family to afford the expensive food that she requires, but she is a great dog and I loved watching her play with the kids.

So I contacted the breeder…and wouldn’t you know…they were getting ready to welcome a litter of all-black/chocolate-factored pups! Score! But Good Lord, they are expensive dogs! Freaking $1,000 for the males and $1,100 for females–with a required gender-specific deposit.

I mean, we’re looking at doing IVF in the next few months, so what business do we have buying an expensive puppy? When there are so many dogs in shelters or foster care that need good homes–how can we rationalize spending a fortune on a dog?? I’m quite practical with money and I want a baby more than anything in the world. And I’m not even a “dog person”.

But my *gut* told me, we were supposed to have one of these puppies.

Seriously, my heart swelled and I wept at the very thought of having a puppy as part of our family–visions of long walks and puppy snuggles danced through my head.

So when Mr. MLACS told me that he had emailed the breeders and consented to mail a deposit for a male puppy (his pick, I’d be just as happy with a female)…I WAS OVER THE MOON!

The puppies were born on June 25th (they are Gemini puppies, and most of my friends are Gemini’s). I don’t know which puppy will be ours because we have 2nd pick of the males and there are 3 males–2 plump pups, but the third male is the “runt” of the litter. We won’t discount him–I am always a fan of the “underdog”.

His name will be Koa (pronounced koh-ah, like Noah with a “k”). In Hawaiian it means “Brave, Strong, Fearless”. I’m not looking to cultivate a ferocious dog, but I wanted our pup to have a righteous name. And of course a Hawaiian name because we were married there and it is my second home.

We’ve already bought TONS of stuff for him! It occurred to me that I wish I could have a “puppy shower” in place of a “baby shower”–there is SO MUCH cute stuff for pups!

Please if you have any suggestions about what to buy or things to do or books to read–please send them my way. Mr. MLACS is very adept at handling dogs, but I am a total novice. Like, I was thinking of buying the book “Puppies for Dummies”.

And I leave you with a picture of the litter–how cute are they?!!

Pups Week 1

I still want a baby, but the prospect of a puppy has lifted my spirits exponentially. We’ll see how well I do when the puppy comes home with us in a few weeks–I’m sure it’ll be a fair amount of work to raise a puppy.




46 thoughts on “We’re Adopting!

  1. First off, your title is worse than a cock tease! Secondly, I know nothing of dogs. I have two cats and also worship the litter they walk on 🙂 However, my parents have a lab and it’s the sweetest and most loveable dog EVER! I am so excited for you! Those pups are just adorable! xo

      • bahaha! In my email, I couldn’t see the picture. It was funny because as I was logging out, I quickly saw the title just as I was logging out…so I immediately hurried to log back in and read it. The cute puppies at the end made me forget all about your ‘tease’! Have a great hump day tomorrow!

  2. So exciting. I’m not a dog person either. They’re so needy. I too have a cat. As for resources, I’d recommend watching the dog whisperer TV show. It’s really interesting and I found that the dog whisperer and the supernanny say the same thing except one works with dog parents and the other with child parents. Good luck!

  3. This is so exciting! Having a dog is the best thing ever and a puppy will bring so much joy to your life. You have to promise to post regular photos and stories of Koa’s puppy antics. I will never get bored of puppy pictures xx

  4. I am so happy for your guys! My rescue Boxer was allergic to beef and it took me and a new vet years to figure that out. We were both special and I still miss her (she died in 2009 at 13 after a truly wonderful life and 2 years after her first cancer diagnosis). You will be so in love. Your kitty may have other ideas. 😉

    Sometimes you have to go with your heart. A book I really liked is “how to speak to dog” by Stanley Coren. Its old and if you like or you can’t find it I can send you my copy. I wish I’d read it earlier in my doggie parenting days. It has good lessons on the different communication styles of dogs and cats you may find interesting too. As for puppies they are gobs of work and big dogs need obedience training but Mr. MLACS should be on top of that. I can’t wait for your next pupdate!

    Oh! And I *love* the name Koa and why you chose it.

    • Awe, sorry you had to part with such an extraordinary pet 😦 I love kitty SO much and I am concerned that he and the puppy won’t bond–but I’m hopeful, because kitty (his name is Hilo, pronounced hee-low, after a town on Big Island Hawaii) is quite playful and friendly with people, so I’m hoping he’ll warm up to his furry sibling.
      I will look for your book suggestion! Thank you for that! And yes I will definitely take the pup to obedience school, since Mr. MLACS is gone half the time and I will need more practice with the pup.
      I’m glad you like the name–if anyone would appreciate the spiritual significance behind a name, it would be you. *hugs* XOXO

  5. For labs let me just recommend train often and train early. My lab was hell on wheels as a puppy (very destructive) but I wouldn’t trade him because he grew into the best dog. Very protective of me. Always by my side. But yeah, training. Definitely a must 🙂

  6. Retrievers are the best!! We have two goldens and they are such wonderful pets–from my experience labs are the same. A little rambunctious as puppies but they grow into wonderful, loving and friendly dogs. Ours are wonderful and so gentle with children too! (And for what it’s worth, I loved having dogs during IVF…some extra expense yes but they are perfect bed rest companions. And they get you out of the house for low key walks!) Can’t wait for photos!

    • Yes! Your comment about “they get you out of the house for low key walks”–that is something I’m looking forward to, because often I will want the fresh air but I won’t take the time to go outside, and with a dog it will be a no-brainer. XO

  7. So cute!! I have a pug and a shepherd and they are literally like the children I can’t/don’t have. They make it SO much easier to keep your mind off all of the crap you might be going through and will give you 10293784 times as much love as you give them, which doesn’t even seem possible. You will absolutely LOVE him and spoil him!
    One piece of advice I would give, is find a vet that you love and know has your dogs best interest in mind and not just to get your money. It took us a while, but we finally found our guy and he is a life saver. We’ve spent thousands on emergency surgeries for them both as puppies (the pug swallowed a piece of rubber that was lodged in her stomach and had to be cut open and the German Shepherd swallowed a needle and he too had to be cut open – not too smart when they were puppies lol) so make sure you are prepared to spend $$ if its needed! They sure are an investment but totally worth every penny 🙂

    • Oh dear! Glad they’re both ok now! I do have a vet that I adore (kitty’s vet), but I surely hope to avoid as much catastrophe as possible! It did occur to me that these things happen and it’s a good thing that we (currently) have space on our credit card in case of a puppy emergency!
      Thank you for the encouragement and so nice to hear from you! XOXO

  8. So exciting! My husband and I are both dog lovers, but also highly value the freedom and flexibility to travel, plus live in a city where it’s kind of pain to have a dog, but still I made him promise we could look into a pup if there’s no baby in sight in a year. It doesn’t replace a child, obviously, but I think animals are always soothing when times are tough. Enjoy snuggling that little guy.

    • Those were my feelings too–we move often for Mr. MLACS’s job, so we rent, and a lot of places don’t allow dogs. Plus, we usually rent apartments or townhomes, so we generally don’t have much (if any) yard space–although there’s always green space nearby. I definitely felt this was *right* but prior to this I was not ready to move forward. It will be great though! XO

  9. YAY! Dogs bring so much joy to life. I loved my cat, Pebbles, and miss her everyday, but my dogs are so joyful and they always give me something fun to do. Even if you’re having a bad day, the dog will wag his tail at you and you can’t help but to smile. And my little pup, Elmo will literally kiss my tears away when I cry. He is the sweetest little thing ever!

    • Aw, I love my kitty. I hope to bond with the puppy, but moreover I really hope that Mr. MLACS bonds as deeply with the dog as I have with kitty–Mr. MLACS has definitely been missing having a “man’s best friend”. XOXO

  10. Omg is there anything cuter than lab puppies?? I recommend taking a puppy class. I was totally clueless about dogs when I got my pup and she was a total terror. She was like a different dog after taking classes.

  11. In my past life (meaning relationship), I also had 2 black labs. My brother also has a black lab. His black lab and my girl chihuahua were the best of friends when my brother lived close to us. It was an interesting sight to see. Overall, Labs are wonderful dogs with a very nice disposition… but I hope you have a good vacuum. I always felt like my labs shed way more than I expected. I second the puppy class idea. AND POST PHOTOS! I love puppy pics 🙂

  12. I’ve always been a dog person, having grown up with labs my whole life! They are really amazing dogs! When my husband and I got married, we knew going in we wanted a dog as soon as possible, so when we got home from our honeymoon we started looking. We lucked out and found a breed specific rescue that had puppies! Very unusual! Someone had dropped the mom off pregnant because they couldn’t handle it. But we couldn’t be happier with our boy! It’s our first Ridgeback and probably not our last, though we will probably get a female next (they can be very territorial). He’s great with kids and wants to play with everyone, but since he’s still a puppy (2 years old is still a puppy to most large breed dogs), he jumps a lot and unintentionally scares most kids. But once he calms down a bit, he just wants to lick their entire face!
    I do agree with whoever said to train early, but I’d also add to train consistently. Be careful that you and your husband use the same commands for everything. Telling a dog “sit” and “sit down” and “down” all for the same action will confuse the shit out of them!And be patient. It will come. And they will calm down with age. Puppies and dogs are great family members!

  13. Aw! I love this! Those puppies are so freaking cute! I’m so excited for you! And can’t wait to see which little guy you take home! We have 2 cats, but my hubby has been bugging me for years to get a dog and I’ve always said, “not yet, now’s not the right time”, I’ve always been worried about how much work it will be, but that pic makes me want to get one too!

    P.s. You should totally have a puppy shower! I think that is the best idea ever!

    • Get. A. Puppy! Lol. I went to book club tonight and told the girls about the pups and showed pictures like a proud momma–they were like “You *totally* have to have a puppy shower”. I feel so sheepish about it, but if my friends might get a kick out of it then maybe I will 🙂 XOXO

  14. I LOVE PUPPIES. And their breath and their wiggly bodies and their crazy, gold fish attention spans. I also love the stories of house destruction and potty training. It all goes by so fast but it is so worth it to see those big brown eyes full of love. Congrats, lady!
    My advice is to consider puppy classes…training early is worth its weight in gold. I also would consider crate training for both preventing destruction and also for potty training. Make sure to have a credit card devoted for the just in case situations…shit happens and it usually isn’t cheap. Take a billion pics. Snuggle all the time =) Yay, I am so stoked for you!!

    • You are my “Guru” and I will do as you say! Lol. The hubs has already insisted on crate training (this will be hard for me, because I am a sucker and also it doesn’t seem fair that kitty gets to roam free while puppy has to be in a crate–but I will do as instructed). We will definitely be sure to have finances ready just-in-case. Thanks so much! XO

  15. I was never a dog person either – vowed I would never have one, in fact. But when husband insisted we had to adopt a dog, I conceded on the basis that I would get to pick the breed. Well, now I love my dogs, and it really was a great decision (the dog hair SUCKS. But everything else about owning a dog is great). Being “puppy parents” is a really nice way to spend the interim before you have kids, it does help to bring you closer, and to fill the void in a small way. Puppies and babies are similar… unconditional love, total dependence, etc. (NOT that they are a substitute, I hate when people act that way. But they are good in the in-between time). I think you made a great decision! Don’t be surprised if a few months from now you find yourself identifying as a full-fledged “dog person.” It can happen to anyone!

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