Does This Baby Make Me Look Fat?

I Loooooooove this chick for making these hilarious skits about trying to conceive! God Bless her.

This one is about using OPK’s to pinpoint your fertile window (I’m lookin’ at you, Lady Love and Baby Dust). I’m sure some others of you can relate, but regardless, it’s funny as hell.






9 thoughts on “Does This Baby Make Me Look Fat?

  1. Ha ha oh man so funny. I am so f*ckin over OPKs. One benefit of IVF, the Dr tells me when it’s time not my interpretation of two lines…is one darker than the other? Shit I can’t tell. Urgh.

  2. Haha this is actually really funny. I don’t use this type of OPKs but I’m pretty over the strips. I only check my temp and my cm now. Not the most accurate but what does accuracy have to do with anything if the best timed sex doesn’t get me pregnant anyways.

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