Thank You God!

Thank you, God! For letting me know beyond a shadow of a doubt that I HAVE ovulated! The pain began circa 2pm–Hallelujah! I’m relieved.

Thank you ladies for responding to my plea–I have never felt so vulnerable as I did today. And you ladies (even some of you I haven’t met) came through for me–that’s just priceless–but I wish I could reach out and give each of you $1,000,000 for the comfort you provided when I needed it most. If you were here (and if my ovaries weren’t killing me) I would throw my arms around you and bear hug you so tight that you’d almost lose consciousness.

I’m going back to Dr. Diet tomorrow for an US to confirm ovulation. Nurse Cutie said Dr. Diet will be there so I can ask him my questions.

I went to the daycare after I left the Dr.’s office (my sister & grandma run it from our family home) and I held a baby, played with him, and fed him lunch (he is 8 months old) This calmed me and I can’t explain why.

I went to lunch by myself and ate spicy Thai soup (random fact: I love Thai, in fact I love most all ethnic food more than traditional American–but I do also love a good all-american steak). Then I went and bought some organic dark chocolate (satisfied with myself that I passed up gluten-free Friday at the cupcake bakery and went for the slightly healthier dark chocolate). Now I’m home and trying to be calm and positive–whenever thoughts of “if this doesn’t work…” creep up, I push them back and don’t allow myself to go there.

My husband has been so kind and attentive today, even across the miles. That helps too. I cried to him earlier–sobbed incoherently–that I don’t want to do this again (heavily medicated IUI, with frozen sperm, by myself). I know he felt bad, and I feel a bit guilty for that. He is doing his best to calm and comfort me as well. Come to find out, he even called Nurse Cutie because he was worried about me and the cycle. She told him it looks great and answered all his questions–I’m impressed he took the initiative. I love him SO much. SO MUCH.

I’m chillin’ with my heating pad. I feel much better and I can’t say why–maybe the progesterone is starting to balance out my Estrogen? Maybe it’s all your warm thoughts and prayers. How come I am so much crazier than the rest of you who are on similar doses of stims? A select few of you have taken double my dose–I’m afraid I would need to be locked in a padded room. Is this really how babies are made???





32 thoughts on “Thank You God!

  1. Oh sweetie. I’m crazy just on letrozole. I’m terrified of injectables. It’s just amazing how much better I feel this month NOT being on them. And I’m eating so much better and not beating myself up for every. little. thing. It’s just hard, but I’m glad you’re feeling better.

  2. Oh thank ya jesus for the ovulation pain. I have often wondered what this pain feels like…I’m not sure I have ever ovulated and if I have, I have never felt it :/ Sigh.

    • I’ve really only felt ‘O’ pain on medicated cycles–I used to think girls who said they could tell they were ovulating were full of sh*t. I think people who feel it are the minority, so don’t feel like the “odd man out”. XO

  3. I’m so grateful that you posted this update – thank you – but infinitely more grateful for all of the good news aspects of this update. I’m feeling so good about this, fellow pregnant lady!

    The bit about you holding an infant today is particularly poignant. I’m not spoiling it with words, just sayin’. Sending you a huge, ovary-crushing cyber-hug because (a) it’s my only option; and (b) I am confident I can’t hurt your aching ovaries with it.

    Having been on double your dose of stims, I’m not sure the dose is the tricky bit. I think the drugs just mess stuff up. I wasn’t crazy but I did feel very emotionally fragile and not-myself. The drugs affect every woman a little differently but I can’t imagine anyone feeling like themselves and peachy keen on them. Also, I wasn’t alone – that makes a huge difference, or would for me. You’re fiercely brave, of course we all know that, but in this regard you ought to be so proud of yourself. I’m so glad Mr. MLACS’ love shone so brightly for you today, when you really needed to see and feel that.

    Finally, watch out for the heat. Too much or for too long can be hard on the eggs and fertilization. Heating pads are okay but I’ve been advised by my first acupuncturist that barley bags and other “moist heat” sources are better for fertility-related times. All my acupuncturists have suggested warm but not too warm and 20-30 minutes front, then back, not longer unless it’s a castor oil-soaked cloth with a hot water bottle on top, which can be done a little longer. Sorry to sound bossy – just really wanting everything to be perfect for you. Sweet dreams, sweet friend.

    • Awwwww, you are so sweet you’re givin’ me a toothache! Dually noted on the heating pad–was a little concerned so I didn’t turn it all the way up. Castor oil and a water bottle sounds niiiiiiice…Thanks sugar! XOXO

      • If you’re gonna do the heat thing, it’s flannel or similar material soaked in castor oil, lay that on your abdomen, cover with plastic (a bag or saran will work) then the hot water bottle. Use up to 40-60 minutes. Supposed to help remove toxins and soothe reproductive organs according to my Chinese medicine docs. 🙂

  4. Every medicated cycle is crazy and add the frozen IUI sperm to that and I assure you double the worries! It gets a bit easier to deal but I’ve realized unmedicated cycles in between help. Your doing all you can and I pray you conceive!

  5. Yay for ovulation! Sending you heaps of positive vibes! Be careful with the heating pads. First thing my nurse said when I called the other day to tell her I was cramping was “Stay away from heat packs and hot water bottles!” Whenever I’m in cycle I’m so paranoid I have lukewarm showers and sleep without blankets (even when it’s cold!) I’m sure that’s total overkill but I have become paranoid about heat now. Totally ok to have warm heat packs but not hot! 🙂

  6. I’m so happy you’re feeling better! And yay for ovulation pains! I love thai food too! So happy your hubby made you feel better even from afar! It’s so sweet that he called the clinic! Hope your followup scan confirms things for you today. Hugs hon! XOXO

    • Thanks sweets–I just finished a bowl of Vietnamese Pho–on a roll with Asian food! And had my scan–I have 3 corpus luteum so I ovulated at least 3 follicles! I’m really pleased 🙂 XOXO

      • Mmm! Yum! I love Pho! OMG! 3 corpus luteum!! That’s amazing!! I’m so excited for you!

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