Space Case (with some questions)

So can I just start by saying that I’m pretty stoked right now, because I just gave myself my HCG trigger shot in my ass! All by myself! I wasn’t sure I could really hit the mark, but I have good muscle memory and I found the spot on my left cheek where Dr. Angel injected me no less than 50 times. And I just went for it. And it worked! And now it’s done. What a relief. **I watched several tutorials today in preparation**

So then, lets talk about OHSS.

Yesterday I had the hiccups like 5x, and I got nauseous once. I was starting to feel bloated in my abdomen and I’ve been really tired and going to bed about 2 hours earlier than usual. During the day I feel kind of “spacey” and can’t focus very well. I am forgetful too.

Then today I went to spin class this morning and I pushed it a little in the first 1/2 of class, but then I could feel my ovaries throbbing (particularly on my right side which has more follicles) and I pulled back and took it easy for the second half. Then afterwards I talked to my instructor, who is “motherly” (and I actually went to school with one of her daughters) because I just didn’t want her to think that I was “punking out” on her, because she is a really great instructor and she makes me want to work hard–it’s frustrating that I can’t push it. So I started out the conversation by saying I have ambiguous “health issues” and that I didn’t want her to think I was being lazy. She was SO nice about it. And then I did actually tell her “Well, it’s fertility treatments” and bless her heart, she replied with a clichΓ© story about how this other lady (a former instructor) was doing these treatments and she would have to get people to sub for her a lot, and none of it worked, and she had several miscarriages, and then after failed IVF when she had accepted that she would be childless…

BAM! She got preggers.

Well, of course she did. God Bless ‘Merica.

So anyways, anecdotes aside, I just felt like crap after I left class. I ended up laying down on the couch, sidelined from achy ovaries. And I was so tired (and my head hurt) that I actually took a nap. And I’m still having the hiccups and acid reflux–I really never have indigestion but I know it’s the Estrogen wreaking havoc on my digestive tract. My poor gallbladder is probably working double time. I took a shot of apple cider vinegar because it’s supposed to support your liver. And of course I’m still taking my supplements–and I’m convinced those Thorne prenatal vitamins have helped my digestive tract. I have also felt sort of light-headed, and like I said before, “spacey”.

So, I’m trying to figure out if there’s anything I can do to make things easier on myself (to be more comfortable)? What if this gets worse and I do end up with mild or moderate OHSS?

And then, just fyi, I’m really nervous that I will ovulate too soon and that I will miss my opportunity. I shouldn’t really worry, because it’s only cd12 today and I never ovulate naturally before cd16 or later–I’ve been taking the CBD OPK’s twice per day and I haven’t had a ‘smiley face’. But I’m still afraid, like I have wondered if I should call and have a scan tomorrow just in case. Because as you all know, Mr. MLACS is not here, so I only have one shot at this.

And this is all I can really think about. We got our tax return back and Mr. MLACS asked me to look into plane tickets for a trip we’re planning in July, and I keep forgetting to do it. And my book club is reading “Gone Girl” and everybody is raving about it, but the thought of trying to focus my eyes to read just sounds like work (I mean, because I have to save all my eye strength for blogging). I need to open my mail but for some reason I just don’t. I just feel dumb. And anxious. And weird.

The time is just dragging. And so am I.




32 thoughts on “Space Case (with some questions)

  1. When I did treatments I got OHSS twice! It wasn’t until towards the end of the second time when I gained 9 lbs of fluid in less than 48 hours that I finally figured out the trick…err….listened to the doctors. Drink lots and lots of gatorade and soup high in sodium. My OHSS was so bad that all I could do was have liquids for a week. I lived on gatorade and chicken broth. DO NOT drink lots of water. It will make it worse. The sodium somehow flushes out the excess fluid. πŸ™‚ I hope this helps! OH and stay off your feet. The first time I had OHSS, it was mild but they put me on bed rest (just basically no exercise or lots of cleaning, etc) for three days so that the ovaries were not aggravated to the point they hated me. xoxo

    • I heard that about the sodium, and I also read that you should eat protein but avoid carbs (because protein is lost in this fluid that accumulates and carbs just make you retain the fluid). So tonight I gleefully bought turkey bacon and eggs–lots sodium! I didn’t realize that drinking water would make it worse! I’ll be curious to see what my Estradiol is on Friday. Right now my face is hot and my brain is fuzzy. Going to take ALL my pills and powders and crawl into bed. Thanks for the info sweets–very helpful and reassuring. Sorry you went through that though! XOXO

  2. Don’t feel bad for needing to take extra breaks. You need to take it easy hon! Your body is working really hard right now to produce lots of shiny, perfect eggs. I will be thinking about you lots over the next few days and sending you so many prayers and positive thoughts!

  3. Oh honey poor you. Make sure you rest your bod and take things easy. It’s pretty crazy what you’re going through right now so only natural to feel a bit off. Thinking of you xxx

  4. I’m so sorry you’re struggling a bit, honestly, just for the peace of mind I think I’d call. It’s couldn’t hurt. Hopefully it’s just you have some nice mature follicles and that’s why and it doesn’t become anything serious. I’m also impressed about the shot! Go you! I’ve also read Gone Girl.. I had mixed emotions about that when I read it with my book club bc RPL is mentioned and my viewpoint when we got to that part was a bit different than everyone else’s. It’s not triggering, but lead to a conversation I didn’t want to have. liked the book, but thought the author dropped the ball at certain spots. If you’re at the beginning, it picks up a lot later on πŸ˜‰

    • Hey lady, thanks for the feedback on the book! I think I am apprehensive to read it because I saw a trailer for the movie and it looked kind of crazy (which I am ‘full up’ on crazy at the mo). I think I will refrain from calling since I’m not feeling any soreness or cramping and I’m going to carefully place this in God’s hands at this point–tired of worrying. XOXO

  5. I had a severe case of OHSS in April last year. I put on 15 pounds of fluid in a couple of days I looked 8 months pregnant. You need to try to take it as easy as possible if you think OHSS is coming on. Listen to your body. Weigh yourself and see if you’re starting to carry extra fluid. Drink at least 2 litres of water a day (some people say water makes it worse but it definitely helped me) PLUS a litre of gatorade. Protein is super important too I couldnt stomach food but Doug made me protein shakes to keep my protein up. If it gets bad demand an ultrasound to check the fluid build up in your abdomen and make sure it isnt in your lungs. Keep checking the colour of your urine. If you are drinking a lot of liquids but your pee is quite yellow you are definitely hyperstimulated. I have also had mild OHSS and it was nowhere near as bad. Gatorade and heaps of light walking (no hills and go at a casual pace) to keep the fluid moving through your system.

  6. Jab in the butt on your own? Spin class on OHSS?!! Who are you? An IF goddess? How do you do it? Im soooo lazy and usess on OHSS… hope you have been drinking lots of water. Also watch it with the sports because with OHSS there is a danger of ovarian torsion (or something like that. Hope you get to feel in a bettet mood soon. xx

      • Ha ha! Nope, not alone. Although I can’t help but laugh because WHEN (not if) you are pregnant, you will realize that a whole new brand of alien has taken over your body!

      • I’m looking forward to that for you, too. I actually had a colleague say “OH MY GOD IS THAT A FOOT? THIS IS LIKE SOMETHING OUT OF ALIEN!” at work in my one successful pregnancy. Work as in a very conservative, uber uptight law firm (at which I no longer work, amen). And yes, he was shouting (and yes, it was a foot). I can’t wait for your fun alien moments (and all of ours, I’m longing for that again, too)!

  7. Oosh. Not fun! Man I just can’t get over how you have that added stress every time of coordinating schedules with Mr MLACS, hoping Mother Nature plays nice and the dates work out. I cannot imagine, girl! But of course it is what it is, and you roll with it well.

    I wonder if a serious 90 minute massage would give you any relief from symptoms? I hope you get relief in some way soon.

    I am very impressed about the shot you gave yourself. That shit is not easy! I have not had any problems with my Lovenox injection until this morning…and Lovenox is easy-peasy into the fat, with a short needle. What’s happening is bruises and lumps, and trying to find a new place to stab, but all the new places hurt. I actually almost fainted this morning when I hit a nerve, broke out in a sweat, came close. So you are my hero this morning.

  8. I have had indigestion and excessive bloating and burping since my last trigger shot-which was a month ago. It’s just now starting to let up. It was starting to scare me. I have also read gone Girl and it’s good-but disturbing.

  9. So first, I’m so freaking stoked for you that you gave yourself the shot. I only wish I could be as brave as you! And second, Gone Girl is really really good, I highly recommend, when you get your brain power back πŸ˜‰

      • Well, I might have to out of necessity this weekend if I am indeed pregnant and I do need to continue my shots, as Eric is out of town Saturday thru Tuesday. AHHHHH. I hope no one has to find me face down, passed out with a needle in my bare behind!

  10. Pretty sure I had OHSS my first cycle on the drugs. I was so huge none of my pants fit and I was in so much pain! It hasn’t been that bad since the first month. Fertility treatments take a lot out of us. Don’t feel guilty about taking it easy – your body and mind need it.

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