I Bought ALL the Supplements

Hey guys, not much to report–today is CD6, day 3 of injections. Boring. But I thought I’d share with you that…

Not only have I “upgraded” my diet and exercise regime, but I have decided I needed more ‘edge’ (thanks to an educational post from My Hope Jar and a handy one from The Crooked Path Through IVF *both of whom are now pregnant*) and so I researched some of those supplements and decided to add:

1. Thorne Basic Prenatal (bought on Amazon.com–it has methyl folate)

2. Myo Inositol (powder, because it’s suggested 4 grams per day and that’s A LOT of capsules)

3. Ubiquinol (this is the “bio available form” of CoQ10)

4. L-Arginine

5. Chromium Picolinate

6. Royal Jelly

***I was already taking***

7. Fish oil capsules

8. Vitamin D (sublingual–I have low Vitamin D even with supplementation so I take A LOT and try to get sun)

9. Calcium Citrate + Magnesium + D3 (cuz there’s not that much calcium in the Thorne vitamin)

10. Enteric Coated Probiotics (not all the time, but I toss them in cyclically)

So, I will now commence to take ALL the supplements, in addition to ALL my medications (my faaaavorite of which is my nightly Mesalamine enema–thanks Colitis!) It’s literally several handfuls of pills. Also, I have Glutamine powder that I add to my protein powder, so I figure I will add the Inositol powder into this daily concoction. Just so ya know, Glutamine is the most abundant amino acid found in your body, and it is what your body is seeking when it starts metabolizing your muscles for energy, so, increasing intake of Glutamine helps to build and maintain lean muscle mass. Also, “they” have found that people with Ulcerative Colitis benefit from supplementing their diet with Glutamine.

My goal (naturally) is to be consistent about taking all of these things in correct amounts at the appropriate times.

I can tell you that I saw a BIG difference when I started taking the Thorne prenatal vitamin about 3 weeks ago. This may be TMI, but my bowels were not great–very light and yellow-ish in color. I added this vitamin and all of a sudden my bowels were dark brown and I felt quite a bit more energetic! I don’t know what was in them that I needed (there are so many things I can’t tell you which made the difference) but I intend to take these things for the rest of my life–seriously.

**And Furthermore**

I’ve been working out pretty much every day–getting outdoors as much as possible to get some sun and increase my Vitamin D. I feel f*cking awesome!


I have been plagued by chronic illness (escalating and getting worse and worse) for TWO YEARS. I had only a vague memory of what it was like to feel mentally and physically STRONG–another good word is ROBUST. For awhile I could hardly get off the couch. I was so cold. My joints ached and I’d have to rest after doing the freaking dishes. My brain was so cloudy I would IMMEDIATELY forget anything that wasn’t written down. A “full” day for me was: take a shower, go to the grocery store, make dinner–that was what I could accomplish when I felt GOOD last year.

Now look at me. I had 10 things on my “To Do” list and I accomplished more than that! I bounded down the trail this evening (came home hot and sweaty) and I still have energy to do the dishes!

It doesn’t seem like much, but to someone whose quality of life took a nose dive–days like today make me want to get on my knees and thank God for allowing me to LIVE my life again.


And on that note, I leave you with a video of a badass dance crew performing to Q-Tip’s “Vivrant Thang”


30 thoughts on “I Bought ALL the Supplements

  1. Now I am going to have Vivrant thing stuck in my head for days! Thanks!!! I have to say that back when I started the Thorne Basic Prenatal I noticed a difference after about a week. Needless to say I have not stopped taking them. Cant wait to see how it all goes.

  2. Okay…so I need some energy. I know that eating healthier (I fell off the wagon of low carb eating and hit hard…still hitting hard) and getting more exercise is the best way, but tell me a little bit more about these vitamins. hehehe!!

    • It’s real easy:
      1. Carbs ‘R Bad
      2. Lean Protein & Vitamins ‘R Good
      3. Exercise is good too
      You already know this stuff! I know it’s not easy for you to focus on yourself with ‘lil miss hanging off your pant leg all day, but you can do it. I just baked a bunch of boneless skinless chicken breasts and I’m gonna chop them up and portion them out into sandwich bags, that way I can just make a salad and dump the chicken on top (or you could use a tortilla and make a low-carb wrap). And I have my protein powder. Eggs are an easy go-to as well. You have GOT to be more crafty than me–I know I saw somebody post “clean eating slow cooker recipes” from pinterest the other day. XOXO

      • you want to know what’s sad? I have all of these ingredients, I also make the chicken in advance, etc. but when I open up the fridge and see the healthy food, I say screw it and go for something else :/ I lack will power. ugh! I have done it before but I’m also lacking the motivation. I gotta get with it! You might just be my motivation 🙂

      • Please let me be your motivation–I feel really good and I want you to feel this good too! Plus who knows, maybe the diet and exercise and supplements are the “missing link”. Also at this point I feel like I have to “earn” my baby by being disciplined–spending the $ on supps, making myself get up early to workout, fighting the cravings for carbs and sugar, etc. XOXO

    • Thanks girl–the marvelous thing about this *renaissance* I’m having, is that I’m back to being ME (feelin’ good and sassy) so even if this cycle is not the one, I think I *can* continue to boogie to this beat. XOXO

  3. Glad my post helped hon. I know it’s a lot to take everyday, but it sounds like it’s already helping!

  4. Do itttt! I felt the difference from it too. Dark brown poo = iron. I felt energetic from the iron and the B12 when I went on my crazy supplement plan. Got my pom poms out of you to cheer you on.

  5. Yes! Feeling vibrant – what a great thing. I’m really glad you’re back in a good place, physically and mentally, for this cycle. It makes me feel so positive for you and I hope it’s a sign of good things on the horizon. I take almost all of the supplements you listed and definitely agree that, while some may do nothing, at least a few are making a difference. I started getting a ton of compliments on my skin and have barely been sick in the last year+. Yay for positive changes coming out of this shit storm.

    • You are SO proactive! I had to fail several medicated cycles before I was like “Maybe I need to TRY HARDER…”
      Well, and it took me awhile to build up my stamina and get to this point, because I was beat-down after being sick & having the miscarriages…everything was so hard for awhile…
      But it’s better now! My skin is not what it used to be–I look forward to hopefully see positive changes like you have 🙂 Thanks! XOXO

      • Lol! I just sent you an email. I have no motivation to even get on my computer, let alone blog. I think since my last appointment I’ve been in a funk and I have an RE appointment tomorrow that I’m stressing about. I know it’s going to lead to a ‘what next’ plan along with additional testing on my thick uterus lining. I’m super nervous and just in a funk for the last week. 😦 I’ll try to update tomorrow… but I’m still here.

      • I figured you were feeling “funky” and I just emailed you back. I don’t think I said anything to cheer you up, it was just me rambling on like usual. I wish I could wave my magic wand and make it all better for you–I have no such powers. But *hugs* XOXO

  6. I will have to look up some of those and check those links out. I know I have some Royal jelly kicking around but I haven’t taken it lately. I am on the Q10 whatever it is. I haven’t tried Throne prenatals but I have used some of their other products in the past. You just reminded me that I should blog about my iridologist appointment from last week. She put me on a specific diet and brought up some fertility stuff. I’ll write about it this weekend.

  7. Yay for supplement galore! I, too, started taking Ubiquinol and felt great for a couple of weeks until I got the worst bout of insomnia (which is very unlike me). It was only then that I did some research and found that that can be a side effect, and I obviously have a very sensitive system. Was bummed though, as CoQ10 is meant to be excellent for your egg quality and I could surely do with a bit of that. May try some of the less potent stuff some time in the future, but had to give up on the Ubiquinol.. Am now only taking evening primrose oil and a prenatal..

  8. Such an inspiring post!! Glad you are feeling well and energetic. Hope the supplements help and that with such a fantastic attitude this cycle will be the one!! xx

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