Passing GO!

Pass Go

A Monopoly game reference–you get to “Pass GO!” and collect $200…except, I’m actually paying money instead of collecting it…

Anyhow, this is to say that I got a call at 8:50am this morning (as I was trying to rush out the door to spin class) and Nurse Cutie informed me that Mr. MLACS’s blood results were in and he could come in today (Monday) to deposit some sperm in their bank! (Lol) I thanked her and told her I was happy not to have to kill anyone over at Quest, and then I skipped off to spin class–WOOT!

Sperm bankin

Then I came home and hustled to look presentable–I wore flip flops because I knew I had to weigh in today (Dr. Diet had set a goal for me to lose 15lbs) and I needed to do everything in my power (including taking off my shoes) to see some progress on the scale since I’ve been busting my ass these past couple weeks. I have a reeeeally hard time getting the scale to move. I’m quite sure that I’ve put on a little muscle these past couple of weeks while losing fat, but that only shows in how your clothes fit–not on the scale. So I was nervous.

I packed up my drugs in a giant lunchbox and hauled them shamelessly into the office. I’ve been doing this a little too long to care if people stare at me in the waiting room. Who am I kidding?! I never cared–that hasn’t changed.

Nurse Cutie grabbed me and took my blood pressure, but then I demanded to use the bathroom before I stepped on the scale (I smiled as I pee’d and thought “now that’s gotta be at least 6oz”). Then stepped on the scale–I lost…3 lbs. I kind of shrugged because I was hoping for 5 lbs, but 3 lbs shows I put some effort into it. And see, this is why I don’t weigh myself, because it’s so easy for me to get obsessed with numbers on the scale and start competitively starving myself and over-exercising to beat the scale. Yeah, I’ve done that. It’s called “an eating disorder“.

Then, I had to go to the bathroom again before she took me back for the transvaginal ultrasound, because I had been so distracted by the weigh-in that I had forgotten what I was there for and neglected to remove my tampon for the ultrasound. *SMH*

The ultrasound looked good. Then Nurse Cutie whipped out my drugs and taught me how to measure and inject myself with the Gonal-f pen–it was surprisingly simple and painless! The needle was far smaller than the needles that Dr. Angel was using to inject my Bravelle. I beamed, thinking “Wow, I’m pretty sure I can do this all by myself!”

And thus begins the story of…IUI #5




29 thoughts on “Passing GO!

  1. Those pens are much better than all the others! (I think) You’re amazing and I am so glad your husband’s test results came back in time! Crossing everything for you that #5 is it!!

  2. Woohoo!! I’m so happy the results are in and you’re a go this cycle! I have been saying so many prayers for you! Thank you God! Come on IUI #5!

  3. Your results are amazing!

    Funny story: when I was at the RE today she had BOXES full of follistim pens just sitting on the shelf, and the crazy side of me SERIOUSLY considered stealing a few just because they made us wait so long. I mean, they left us ALONE with like, easily $30,000 worth of follistim-how crazy is that?!

    I didn’t steal one. I’ll probably regret that.

    • I could totally see myself having the same inner “good vs. evil” crisis in this situation. It would make me doubt the clinic even more, like, “are you trying to set me up? Is this a test of my character to see if I deserve a baby? Or are you trying to gauge how desperate I am to have a baby?? Maybe I’m SUPPOSED to take the Follistim to show initiative…*looks around and opens purse*” XOXOXO

  4. Totes stalking you and I am damn happy the sperm nazis were persuaded to accept the poor man’s swimmers. I mean, seriously, seems a tad extreme. But whatev. I also love his response… Way to go, son. Wives don’t need support cause it only results in sissies ;). Lady, I am sooooo hoping for this IUI… Praying those hormone injections get your lady bits all hopped up on fertility vibes!!!

  5. Couldn’t help but giggle at the tampon issue. Whoops! I feel like you deserve a gold star for making it to #5. I need to quit whining about my #3. Best of luck to you this cycle… Our turn is soon. 🙂

    • Speaking of “gold stars”, I have been racking them up on my Starbucks app on my phone–I have only 3 more stars before I reach ‘Gold Level Status’, which I dunno what that means…I means I drink too f*ing much coffee (which I also overpay for). Thanks for bringing up that “gold star” thing because I should probably attempt to curb my recent binge-drinking.
      Whine away about IUI #3, the only time I *slap* people is for whining while being pregnant (I know you agree). XOXO

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