Ok, this just happened twice in a row, that I’ve lost my blog post–I want to throttle WordPress right now. Like, I want to walk you like a dog WordPress. You *&^%$#.

So instead of the clever and witty posts I already wrote, you get this:

Item #1
I got my ears re-pierced today! I begged my Mother and she allowed me to get them pierced at the mall when I was 7 years old (back in ’86, when Madonna ruled and there was no such thing as automatic car locks…did we even wear seatbelts? Never correctly…I digress). I did this on a whim–didn’t even tell Mr. MLACS before I went! I happen to know the best piercer in town, so I went to a legit piercing studio (not Claire’s in the mall) and it hardly hurt at all! My ears aren’t even sore or inflamed at all. Mr. MLACS was stoked when I told him I had it done and he said “I can’t wait to buy you earrings!”–how cute is that?! And guess what?! YOU CAN’T GET YOUR EARS PIERCED WHEN YOU’RE PREGNANT.

Item #2
I went 10 rounds, AGAIN, with CVS Caremark (our prescription insurance) these past couple of days. I went so far as to call Mr. MLACS’s benefits coordinators and let them know that CVS Caremark is not just bad–they are the devil–and I will continue to lobby against them every time they screw up, regardless of how much time I have to spend on hold. And I don’t care how polite they are to me–they can never answer me WHY they make these mistakes, and they have never assured me that it wouldn’t happen again. So they can suck my proverbial d*ck. And while I was on the phone with this CVS rep (who my benefits coordinator called, who is supposed to ‘smooth things over’) I got a ‘beep’ for a call from Dr. Diet’s office, so I told this rep I’d call her back. I didn’t call her back. Why should I? So she can apologize again and listen to me b*tch at her? Pointless. Which brings us to…

Item #3
I called Dr. Diet’s office first thing after a night of nail-biting and sending neurotic emails (sorry A Calm Persistence, I know I’m a handful sometimes). I had decided that I just couldn’t fathom getting on birth control to manipulate my cycle to match Mr. MLACS’s work schedule. I had two short cycles (shortened LP) because my body was fighting to get back to it’s “regularly scheduled programming” after months and months of drugs. I don’t want to screw it up again–there must be a reason for it. Also, what if I do these birth control pills and all I have to show for it is a f*cked up menstrual cycle? How would this impact my ability to do another cycle–I bet we couldn’t do back-to-back cycles? Here’s what I think: I *think* I have the mental and emotional capacity to do maybe 2 more frozen IUI cycles (with Mr. MLACS’s frozen “spawn” while he’s away for work), but I think I would Lose. My. Marbles. if I did the birth control and the cycle failed, and I don’t think I’d tolerate it well at all–what’s left of my sanity (and there ain’t much) would incinerate and I would watch it leave my body in a pouf of smoke…(can you get a visual on that?) So, frozen it is (is there a technical term for doing an IUI with frozen sperm, besides “donor cycle”, cuz that doesn’t fit the description per se?)

We will get moving on it next week when Mr. MLACS returns to the states. I’m really glad to have a plan. Also, this was my first time communicating with Dr. Diet’s nurse, who will henceforth be referred to as “Nurse Cutie”, cuz she’s adorable–but sharp–and I’m pretty sure I like her.

Item #4
Also, I’ve already been to spinning class twice this week and will go again in the morning, so mission accomplished on the fitness front. My eating has not been perfect (tortilla chips anyone?) but I’ve haven’t been eating a whole bunch of carbs at once and I haven’t been eating any sugary stuff. I don’t have a scale at my house (I don’t really believe in weight so much as how you feel and how your clothes fit) but I’m inspired to work extra hard in the next week or so until my baseline ultrasound at Dr. Diet’s office, because I want to see that scale move to the left.

And finally, I’ve been listening to Reggae all day–I like a lot of music but I love Reggae. Though, I don’t smoke pot (anymore)–it’s uplifting. This is a random fact.

Have a great weekend ladies–much love.



18 thoughts on “Random-ish-ness

  1. Aw the Mr. is so sweet. You have to post images of the first pair of earrings he buys you 🙂

    Yay for a plan! I agree with your decision hon. You need to do what will keep you sane, and only you know what you can handle. Besides, Dr. Diet said your hubby’s spercicles had stellar numbers so hopefully they’ll be okay! I’m saying so many prayers for this next IUI. Let this be it!

  2. Woohoo to a plan!
    I also adore reggae, it’s got to be scientifically proven to improve one’s mood yes? Turning on my morning mix in your honour today sweets.
    I say this all the time but I love your way with words cutie xxx

  3. Good post and plenty witty! I think your plan is a good one. Always follow your instincts with this infertility business. I think it’s strange to force your body on a schedule with BC and most likely it will rebel. Frozen sperm is still sperm albeit slightly less potent so who knows maybe it’ll work and be less stressful since you don’t have to worry about his schedule.

  4. I totally got my ears pierced in the mall when I was in 4th grade and with the first ear, the piercing gun got stuck for like 20 freaking seconds and I was screaming bloody murder. Everyone was walking by the store looking at me like, “What are they doing to that child.” It was horrible, absolutely horrible. LOL! I totally agree with you about not doing birth control – I hate that stuff. Last year when I had to go on a 6 month TTC break, I went on continuous birth control so that I wouldn’t have to have a period at all, and it was hell. I ended up spotting all month long and STILL having a period that was super painful and after a few months of that I was like, whatever, we’ll just use condoms.

    • Oh girl I know–birth control turns me into a bloated, anxious, weepy mess. I’ve felt physically and emotionally awful whenever I’ve taken it–even on low doses. The rhythm method always worked for us, thank goodness, because I’m allergic to latex and non-latex condoms break easily! XOXO

  5. I love this! I am also looking forward to an update about the new bling! As well as the new plan for a new cycle. Keeping you in my thoughts always. Hope Kitty is doing well!

    • Lol, for a minute I was like “New bling, huh? Wha?” and then a lightbulb came on and I was like “Oh yeah, new EARRINGS!” Well yes, I’m not expecting diamonds (yet) but something sparkly would be nice 🙂
      Kitty is as spoiled as he can be!

      • Hell you better get some bling soon! haha I think you deserve it! I’m glad he’s spoiled – means he’s taking care of you. What a sweetie. Mine has turned into a nocturnal. She’s outside all night and sleeping inside all day. I love being a cat lady! Hope you’re doing ok (well I hope better than ok) despite the waiting.

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