Cawffee Tawlk

I’m actually in a pretty good mood, but I feel kind of whacky. I dropped Mr. MLACS off at the airport in the city today, and hit up World Market and Trader Joe’s to finish shopping for food and props for “Myrtle’s” bridal shower that I am throwing this weekend. For all the b*tching and moaning I did about her and her wedding these past few months, you would wonder why I would even bother…but I am loyal and I said I would give her a nice bridal shower and I’m pretty pleased with myself. With a little a lot of help from Mr. MLACS yesterday, I managed to get the apartment decorated yesterday–this is a HUGE relief and I LOVE how it turned out. I’ve been agonizing over the décor because Myrtle nit-picks everything (ex: “All you need is a large piece of original artwork for that wall and it will look good”…gee thanks) and she is the perfect hipster because she is of the belief: “I’m cool and I know everything about anything that matters” and as such she will pick apart anything (ex: Myrtle said, “I like my bridal salon better because the dresses are more affordable and there’s a bigger selection”–she didn’t have the budget for the boutique where I bought my dress so she had to make a snide remark and act like she’s too cool to go to a pricey and popular bridal salon. WTF dude. Why’s it gotta be like that?) Oh, and my apartment is brand new and when I told her about it she was like “Oh that’s nice but you know it’s not my style”. Cuz she only likes older homes with “character”. Pfffft. I could go on (and on and on) with examples of her insulting remarks, but you get the point.

So anyways, regardless of what she says, I know my apartment looks Pinterest-worthy and she’ll have a hard time finding things to pick on. Mission accomplished.

I’m also excited to take out all my beautiful PB dishes that I got for my wedding! I’m breaking out my culinary prowess too (because naturally, ‘Myrtle’ is a “farm-to-table” type of food snob). The menu will include gluten-free table crackers, a tapas platter (kalamata olives, green olives, sun dried tomatoes, feta cheese, and Italian truffle cheese). And homemade pizza crust (one margherita with: fresh mozzarella & mixture of mini heirloom tomatoes + fresh basil + olive oil + balsamic AND another one with: pear, goat cheese, candied walnuts, and topped with arugula tossed in olive oil + pear vinegar). And gluten-free mini cupcakes with homemade frosting. Plus, pink champagne punch that I’m serving in mason jars. Boo-ya!

And I have a Keurig with all sorts of flavors of coffees and a bunch of gourmet David’s teas and pretty diffuser cups. I made shabby-chic little goodie bags for the ladies. I bought coordinating cloth napkins and will roll the silverware and tie it with hipster-ish twine. The main colors of this shindig are varying shades of turquoise and pink, and theme is sort of ‘shabby chic’ with a twist (brighter colors), with mason jars as a focal point. Did I tell you guys that Mr. MLACS surprised me with a beautiful orchid plant this weekend?! Well he did, and it goes perfectly with my “theme” so waaaay to go Mr. MLACS! 

Yes, yes, I suppose I will have to post pics since I’m hyping this thing up. Did I mention that even my mini cupcake wrappers go with the theme? Well they do. BUT it’s not “matchy matchy”, so everything looks ‘organic’ and not ‘contrived’. Gawd, please tell me if I start sounding like an a**hole with my “organic and not contrived” bullsh*t. Sorry bout that.

I’m trying to make this appear effortless, even though I’ve chewed my nails to oblivion and wandered around several stores and websites before I could make any decisions about food or decorations. But I’m feeling relieved because I’ve got just a few odds-n-ends to take care of, but otherwise I’m satisfied and feeling prepared. The bridal shower is this Saturday. I’ll most definitely let you know how it turns out (and post pictures, although I will probly leave it up for a day or two and then get paranoid and make it ‘password protected’, which y’all can always email me for the password if that’s the case:

Directly after the bridal shower I have a baby shower to attend, which I’m actually kind of stoked about because 1. This friend tried for 18 months, 2. She and her husband are cool as hell and having their shower at a pub, 3. I get to see a big group of friends that I never see, 4. Myrtle would try to invite herself if I told her, but I’m not going to mention it, and it makes me feel good that Myrtle would like to be important to these people, but she’s not. But I am. And I won’t flaunt it to her, but I will enjoy it. I also got them the cutest gift bag. Here’s a pic of the ‘hipster-ish’ giftbag (for an edgy couple) bonus, that’s my cat in the background:

Yes that's my boy Kitty photobombing my shot of the gift bag

Yes that’s my boy Kitty photobombing my shot of the gift bag

As for my ttc efforts, I took the Letrozole and now I’m feeling bloated but not as bad as I would normally feel–thanks to working out. I’m hoping the bloat will subside now that I’m done with the drugs (ha, doubtful). I was partying pretty hard with the caffeine over my “break” and I loathe having to cut back again. I need to talk to Doc Angel and set up a scan to see what my follicles are doing. Also, I had pink/brown discharge from ovulation last cycle, then had AF for a few days, and now pink/brown discharge again for a few days–this is unorthodox and I wonder what the indication is. But luckily, I don’t have time to obsess over anything right now. I’m also taking Grandma to radiation every day for the next couple of weeks (except not on weekends).

This is insignificant, but we also switched Kitty from Iams food to Blue Buffalo food this past week–I’ve fed him the Iams since he was a baby (nearly 5 years now) because I thought it was “the good stuff”. But now that I’m gluten-free (and since Kitty is spoiled and turns his nose up at his dry food and whines for soft food) and because I would be happy if he outlived me because I cannot live without Kitty…we (Me + Mr. MLACS, who pretends not to care about Kitty but he adores him) decided it was time to “upgrade” to the Blue Buffalo food. Kitty loves it. I feel like a responsible parent. We are also talking about getting a dog. I’ve never had a dog but Mr. MLACS is somewhat of a “dog whisperer” and is dying to have a dog again–he wants a chocolate lab. I think I’d rather have a springer spaniel, but what do I know? And Kitty is my baby anyway, so it’s really Mr. MLACS’s decision. Anybody who knows anything about this stuff, feel free to tell me all about it. We are ready to expand our family–furry or bald, whichever comes first.






28 thoughts on “Cawffee Tawlk

  1. I ♥ this post and i ♥ you even more! I’m dying to see pics so pleeeeeeease post! And wow i am thrilled you guys are considering a doggy – they’re alot more work than cats and having a puppy will literally keep you up at night, but you know how i feel about my babies so enough said! Totally worth it! How do you think kitty would do?

  2. i simply cannot wait to see all of your decorations up – they sound absolutely gorgeous. The menu sounds perfect, too. And I am just so proud of you for going all out and doing this right even though your friend sounds very jealous of you and kinda mean with her snarky comments. Sorry, you know me and I tell it like it is. I know exactly how it feels to have friends like that – so frustrating. Have fun this weekend! Love the gift bag for your expecting friends and the photobombing kitty in the background. He looks so soft and snuggly!

    • Kitty is soft like a bunny–his fur is intoxicatingly silky. He is somewhat of a ‘playboy’ and uses his talent and charm on any lady that walks through our door (with a clear preference for younger women). He’s got a lot of character–loves to play–but is also very cuddly and sweet. Truth time: I refer to myself as “mommy” and to DH as “daddy”, and I consider Kitty part of the family. I love him to pieces.
      Myrtle has really let me do my thing with this party and been very appreciative of my efforts so far, so maybe she will surprise me and say nothing but nice things when she arrives. But, I can’t count on that so it’s better to be prepared. Right? XO

  3. Girl, I don’t know how you do it! The shower sounds amazing! As for a dog, go for it! My chocolate lab is allergic to all things though, we even tired Blue Buffalo, but didn’t work. Grain Free California Natural worked for my adorable Kona. Have fun this weekend. I’m throwing a baby shower on Saturday, I really hope I don’t break down mid-party…

    • Lol, my cat’s name is Hilo (Kona and Hilo are the two main towns on the Big Island of Hawaii–you probly know this but I love the Big Island so that’s why I named him Hilo). As for baby shower…”May The Force Be With You”, my friend. XO

  4. Oooh, look at you go! My sister in law is sort of like that, she would never say anything snarky but she just always has her nose in the air and tries to do it all and have everything perfect (and annoyingly she appears to succeed most of the time). I’m sure it will be amazeballs, and I definitely want to see pictures afterwards! And on the note of getting a dog, I just have to add my two cents. I grew up with cats, was a cat person, never really liked dogs. But my hubby got a dog when we just first started dating, and he is deathly allergic to cats, so no more kitties for me. So I decided that I wanted to get “my own” dog. Yes, I know, his dog is my dog too, but you catch my drift. So about 2 and a half years ago I rescued a 10 lb, 9 month old little mutt and he is my bestest buddy ever. Dogs definitely are more work, but I do have to say, they are pretty awesome. Yay fur babies!

    • Kitty and I were a “package deal”, as in, I specifically asked him if he was allergic to cats or had an issue with cats, like, the same night that I met him. Mr. MLACS *tries* to say we will never have another cat, but that is total BS. I’m open to a dog, but since we move so much (and rent) it hasn’t been practical (we thought we might go abroad), but now it appears we will remain in the states and, well, we just want a dog already! Lol. I would love a small dog as much as a large dog, but hubs disdains small dogs. Also, they’re building a dog park at our complex so that would make it easier to have a larger breed (so he can run around like he needs to). Your SIL sounds like a pain, but that kind of OCD prissy-pants can never truly be happy so there is a “price” for that. Who wants to worry about what people think all the time, and spend the rest of the time judging other people?! People like that are miserable. XOXO

    • OhEmGee! Gurl, the husband was flipping through pages of dogs from the Humane Society webpage and I was like “No, I cannot, it’s too sad to see all those cute faces knowing the ones who aren’t chosen lose their lives”. I don’t actually have the stomach for it (although I have become immune to the ASPCA commercials–they are just obnoxious). Don’t dare me! Unless you’re offering to pay for my therapy… Lol. XO

      • Oh I don’t have the guts to look at the Humane Society or ASPCA pages, but petfinder is a bit less awful. There are a lot of rescues that foster dogs and then photograph them when they are looking super adorable. My problem is we already have a dog and my husband won’t let me get another. But I get attached to at least 1 dog each week and then get super sad when I check on them only to see they’ve been adopted. Sad for me, happy for them. Dang.

  5. Oh my goodness! That shower sounds awesome! She’d better like it and appreciate everything you did! I’d love to see the shower photos too! I can completely understand why you would want to password protect them. I’m certainly not a cat person (long story behind that-I used to be), but the on in the picture is too cute! My sister used to have a chocolate lab- such a sweet dog! 🙂 Although a ton of work, I’m so glad we got another puppy. 🙂

    • Thanks lady! I’m SO tired. I’m trying out a gluten-free pizza crust recipe (will let you know how it turns out) and made frosting for my mini cupcakes…but the frosting “broke”…so I added cocoa powder and made it into chocolate frosting, and that seems to be working…but geez…and then 2 more people (who didn’t RSVP) decided to come and I only had 1 extra gift bag, so that’s annoying…but yeah I think it will all come together. I hope! Your puppy is the cutest–I’ve gushed over him to DH, so Cheesecake is probably partially responsible for this, lol. XOXO

      • I can imagine you’re tired! It sounded like so much work. I also hate when people don’t RSVP for things- it’s rude 🙂 Don’t let Cheesecake’s cute looks fool you, he’s quite the handful. 🙂

  6. Beautiful gift bag hon, and I love your furbaby in the background! Good luck and have fun this weekend. I hope your friend appreciates all your efforts to make this a special day for her.

  7. 1) Pics, or it didn’t happen 2) I commend you on your tolerance of Myrtle – she sounds like somebody I would want to smack. (but to be honest, I don’t think I have ever smacked anyone – but I really WANT to smack a lot of people…) 3) Good for you for trying to cut back on caffeine again – I have been cheating lately with an occasional Monster and it always seems like a good idea – but it never is…4) Your gato is adorable – I miss having animals around and know you will find the perfect companion for the kittykat. Hope you are doing great! 🙂

    • Dude you should totally get a pet! My cat relieves a lot of my anxiety–we are completely co-dependent. I’ll post pics, promise! I’m going to get half-caf at s’bucks this morning–that’s my compromise. I did want to smack Myrtle–she flippantly says some of the snottiest sh*t (will blog aboit that too). XOXO

  8. Can’t wait to see pics of the shower. Good job on all of that!!! 🙂

    And as far as the dog goes. I currently have a Yorkie and I LOVE her. She’s my best buddy. (Hubby says he doesn’t really like her… but he gives her more treats than I do, takes her on walks and plays with her all the time). All growing up we had black labs and they were such sweet dogs and always really good with other pets, babies and kids. Then when I was in jr high my parents got an English Springer Spaniel. We joke that she is the favorite child. Very lovey and super eager to please. It was nice to have more of a “mid size” dog after always having labs. My brother loved her so much he now owns the sister of my parents dog. Also a very lovey dog who wants nothing more than to be your best friend and make you happy. OH! and both are SUPER good with kids and babies as well as other pets. The springer spaniels both play with my little yorkie and never have any issues. Not to mention my brother’s dog gets a lot of abuse from their older childI love labs and english springer spaniels but I’d have to say that the spaniels are my favorite of the 2 breeds for a variety of reasons.

    • See, Mr. MLACS is “poo-poo’ing” Springer Spaniels, saying they are prone to anger abd not good with kids–I’m like “How can a dog THAT cute have anger management isdues?!” But he sent me pics of baby chocolate labs and baby blue weimeraner pups, and my heart melted at both of them. Thanks for sharing about your experience with pups! I’ll update on the shower!

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