Spring (TTC) Break!

Hey guys!

So I’m still on my ttc break and still not pregnant. Holla to all my ladies that are on “Spring Break” with me (lets clink our imaginary glasses full of imaginary margaritas)!

I don’t know what’s going on with me this month. I *think* I ovulated a week ago (as scheduled) and I’ve been having, TMI, brownish-pink discharge ever since…I googled this and then actually spoke to Dr. Angel on the phone, and google + Doc Angel both suggested that this discharge is something that can happen when your estrogen drops dramatically mid-cycle. But this NEVER happens to me, so it’s still frustrating. My friend Steph asked me today if I was using OPK’s, but I’m not just on a “Not Trying” break, I’m on a total “F*ck It” break. Like, when I started spotting the other day I thought I was starting my period until I looked at my My Days app in my phone and realized that I had just ovulated and should not be menstruating. I have been blissfully unaware. But now I kind of sort of wish I had taken OPK’s…nah, f*ck it, I’m on a BREAK.

And I don’t know when I’ll start ttc again. I want my TSH to be under 2.0 before I start, and it was at 3.51 about 3 weeks ago, so I highly f*ing doubt that it’s anywhere near 2.0 yet. Also, I haven’t met with the RE that I was intending to meet with. I’ve been checking with Doc Angel to see if he gave the RE my records and talked to him about me, but as of last Thursday he hadn’t, and then it came out that Doc Angel is anticipating that he’ll get a protocol from the RE, but that he’ll do my next IUI…I thought the plan was for me to go to the RE for my next cycle? But then, Doc Angel knows that I was uncomfortable since I didn’t get the job, so maybe he figures I don’t want to go there (yet). And Doc Angel cuts me an unbeatable deal with the IUI’s too (um, since my insurance has been paying for my ultrasounds, he charges me…NOTHING). And I adore Doc Angel. But then I was really ready to “unleash the crazy” on this RE and get his feedback on all sorts of things, from how to use the stims (gonal-f? menopur?) more effectively since I haven’t responded well (to bravelle), to what sort of immune protocol he likes to use (prednisone? and what dose?), etc. and…I wanted to find out more about IVF. Now that I am considering it for the future, I want to start looking at potential clinics–these guys are nationally ranked for women under 35, so they are a real contender. But how can I refuse Doc Angel’s offer to essentially get a FREE consult from this RE and then doing an essentially FREE insemination with Doc Angel? So I figure, f*ck it, I’ll see what Doc Angel says after he talks to this dude.

On the fitness front, I’ve been diligently working out, but I’ve also been voraciously eating gluten-free pasta (I add diced chicken breast, pepperoncini, kalamata olives, olive oil, and a blend of shredded Italian cheeses…*drool*). I feel good, but nobody is going to accuse me of “melting away”. I pledge to do better about my food this week. But yesterday, I made gluten-free banana bread pudding with a whiskey caramel sauce and ate 1/2 of it between yesterday and today…I have some atoning to do. I kind of blame this on the ‘whore’monal shift because these cravings came about the time the spotting started–coincidence? I think not.

Sooooo, yeah, I should be talking to Doc Angel this week (after he talks to the RE) and I’ll let you guys know what he says.






15 thoughts on “Spring (TTC) Break!

    • Seriously, try the pasta–mix the cheese in so it melts and enjoy globs of pasta ‘n cheese, making sure to get a bit of olive and pepperoncini to make the perfect bite…it’s sooooooo gooooood. And thanks, I don’t know if I *deserve* free stuff (no more than any other blogger, and obviously our insurance is picking up the tab but I think Doc Angel is also hooking me up with some pro bono) buuuut it makes it easier to keep going when you only have to pay to get the sperm processed. XOXO

    • Well since I just started AF several days early, I will be harrassing doc Angel and reporting post-haste. Since I can’t physically cook for you, have your DH whip up that pasta–it’s easy and fabously salty (if you’re craving salt). XO

  1. I’m actually pretty proud of you for not keeping track of things. I WISH I could stop keeping track of anything, but I’m so stubborn I can’t allow myself to do anything of the sort. I hate knowing so much about my body. I wonder what’s up with the mid-cycle spotting? Do you think it could be ovualation bleeding? I’ve heard of that happening, especially when your body releases an amazing egg. Excited to hear what your wonderful doctor says about further treatment. WOW – free ultrasounds? That’s AWESOME!!!

    The banana bread sounds so amazing! I’ve really been into caramel here lately for some reason, as my larger hips can attest to. LOL! Gah! It’s so good though!!!

    • I thought it was ovulation spotting, but now I think it’s my stupid thyroid screwing with my cycle. We’ll see–I’m gonna go for blood work ASAP.
      And yeah, doc Angel is a spiffy guy 🙂
      And yes, it seems that while I like to control a lot of things, I’m not a POAS’ing addict and in fact can be rather lazy about OPK’s even when I am ttc. XO

  2. I am in awe of your relationship with Dr. Angel. And of you for the commitment to taking a break. As for the banana bread, it’s not like you made cinnamon buns (or cupcakes) with gobs of cream cheese icing and sugar. Plenty of time to atone during your march break or to just let it ride, whatever you choose, it will be all good. Are they checking your thyroid levels again at the end of this break?

    • Uh, being that I spotted for over a week & then got AF on CD25, I intend to get my TSH tested like, pronto. I just ate a bunch of consolation carbs after I got my period (right before bed) so I’m hoping to hit up spin class tomorrow–the dark one. XO

  3. Yum!! those recipes sound AMAZING! Yay for almost free IUI! Enjoy your break while it lasts and fingers crossed the next IUI cycle is it and you don’t have to see the RE ever!

    P.s., I’m not sure if you saw my post a couple days ago, but I nominated you for a Liebster award 🙂 xoxo

  4. I’m impressed too that your not using OPK kits too. I HAVE to see when I ovulate! Good luck with Dr. Angel and your RE.. I’m also proud of you that you are still diligently working out and eating gluten-free! That’s awesome!!

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