Just Do It

Hey guys, in the words of Fergie “I be up in the gym workin’ on my fitness”. By the way, anybody heard anything about her since she had that kid? Just curious. She hasn’t been flaunting her ‘post-partum’ body in the tabloids (because I would know).

I made breakfast for some visiting cousins and of course, I had to come clean about all my shortcomings. They are from a small town and their kids are prodigious athletes (FYI, if you grow up in a small Midwestern town there’s only 2 ways to go: play sports or cook crystal meth). I don’t talk about it, but I was a competitive athlete in my 20’s and I competed in a few ‘Figure’ competitions, which naturally led to me becoming a CPT (certified personal trainer). This is the only thing I’ve ever done in my life that impressed my cousins, so of course it came up at the breakfast table “So are you still doing the bodybuilding and training?” Well, I surely don’t look like I did in my competition pictures, so I was surprised they asked, but the answer is: No. No I’m not doing the ‘bodybuilding thing’ these days. I’m not nearly as vain as I used to be and I’ve been awfully preoccupied with getting married, moving several times, being chronically ill, and trying to have a damn baby. Sorry I let everyone down (I’m not actually sorry, btw, that is sarcasm).

However, I am trying to (aggressively) get in-shape–after I made everybody breakfast and made adequate small talk, I ditched them to go to a ‘spinning class’. But they made me late, so I just went H.A.M on the incline treadmill for 45 minutes. And then I decided to do a kettlebell circuit. I’m not sure if you’re familiar with kettlebells, but they are a fun and effective tool to use for getting in shape. Well, except I ‘overdid’ it and stumbled out of the gym in the midst of an asthma attack–choking relentlessly–and my throat still hurts. Damn. But I can still feel the burn in my body and I’m happy because that, my friends, is a sign of progress 🙂

So in celebration, I flipped through some Y0u Tube videos and found a good beginner video for those of you who are interested to check it out or try it. The kettlebell they use in this video is weird and doesn’t look like the ones you’ll usually see in the gym (this one is square but most k.bells are round). You can also use a dumbbell instead of a k.bell, although the k.bells are more fun. You can click my ‘Workouts’ tab, or (Click HERE).

Here’s how I feel about what I’m doing right now: I’m tired of feeling unattractive. I’m tired of feeling like TTC is “ruining” me. I want to make a lot of progress while I’m taking this “break”, and…

I’ve made a promise to myself that I will focus and fight to be who I want to be, and not lose myself to the battles I’ve been fighting.



P.S. This is not a picture of me. I wish. I don’t know if I’ll ever be this lean again (I was once).
kettlebell 1

21 thoughts on “Just Do It

    • Thanks chicky 🙂
      A “Figure” competitor has a considerable amount of muscle, but still appears very feminine. You wear sparkly bikini’s and walk around smiling and posing so judges and audience can admire/judge your physique based on certain criteria. It’s fairly boring for most spectators, unless you’re into that scene. I never won any competitions but it gave me a goal to work towards–a reason to push myself beyond my limits–and I learned a lot about fitness/nutrition in the process. XO

  1. Good for you hon! That’s awesome!! I’m so scared to overdo it working out and throw my hormones out of balance that all I do is yoga and walking. It keeps me from being a complete lazy ass, but isn’t really a great workout by any means.

    • Yoga and walking are good! Consistency is more important than intensity for health benefits–regular moderate-to-low intensity exercise is far more beneficial than sporadic bursts of high intensity (people tend to hit it too hard and burn themselves out). Slow & steady wins the race. Carry on 🙂 XO

  2. I’m right there with you this month! I actually got out of bed yesterday morning and couldn’t even move! I started laughing and fell back into bed because my muscles were soooo sore! I think your fitness background is super cool too! Good for you!

    • You GO girl! And oh yeah, the backs of my legs are so tight I can hardly bend over. I think what makes my fitness background cool is that I’ve always been chubby, so it was a triumph just to have earned a place amongst other athletes–even though I didn’t “win” it felt priceless. And I can identify with my clients: formerly fat, former smoker, with chronic illness. If I can do it, SERIOUSLY, anybody can. XO

  3. Or cook crystal meth…hahahahahahaha. I have thought semi-seriously about doing that to pay off student loans. Also Breaking Bad makes it look fun. You are pretty amazing and a damn great inspiration.

  4. If you lived closer, I’d hire you to train me 😉 I have never enjoyed working out that much. I had a trainer before our wedding and LOVED IT! I’ve definitely fell off the band-wagon since then. I’m enjoying your fitness posts as they are giving me some motivation to get off my ass! Keep ’em coming!

    • See I love training! Especially groups of women–to make it affordable for everybody I’d do “bootcamps” that only cost $10-$12 per-person, per-session (cuz it’s not easy to pay $40-$100+ per session, I could never have afforded it, but my first trainer had mercy on me and only charged me $20 per session, so I “pay it forward”). I think a great way to get the “bang for your buck” is to join a gym that offers a variety of classes, which are either included in the membership or cost just a few bucks per class for members. It’s not exactly like having a personal trainer, but it’s fun (music, camaraderie) and finite (you show up at a certain time and it ends at a certain time, so it keeps you accountable instead of saying “I’m going to go workout” ambiguously). I think mixing up a variety of classes (ex: body pump, zumba, yoga, pilates, spinning) is a great way to keep yourself interested and challenge your body. And then on days when you don’t want to go to class, it’s nice to just take a walk or take a break. I mean, this has worked for me and I would always recommend it to clients in order to stretch their budget and meet their goals. XOXOXOXO

      • Yes I had a gym membership for 2 years and loved it. Then I had a bitch boss who made me change my flex hours so there went to gym time. I really have no excuses anymore as I changed jobs and my new workplace is super flexible. I should look into it again.

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