News Of The Weird

And in extremely strange news…I called the po-po on my noisy neighbor the other night. It was f*cking 1:45am and they were still clanging around, and I couldn’t sleep, so I had to do something…and there was a deficit of options:

1. Go upstairs, bang on the door, and unleash a stream of profanity, hand gestures, and death threats (perhaps a little acid in their face?) OR

3. Call the cops and (hopefully) irritate the hell outta the neighbor the way he was irritating the hell outta me–Hammurabi’s Code.

So yeah, after much deliberation I called the (non-emergency) police phone number and told them that, while there was no loud music or screaming, there was a lot of NOISE. I laid in bed until I heard a knock on the door–I asked “Who is It?” and opened when they replied “Police Department”. They proceeded to ask me what was up, and I told them:

“This tenant is noisy and has been asked by management to quiet down during the night time hours. I haven’t met this person but I think it’s really strange that their activity increases after 10pm and I need them to understand that it is seriously disruptive. I know it’s not all his fault, he’s probably (as the management suggested) just trying to settle in and set up house and the building is not properly sound-proofed, but the level of noise is still unacceptable.”

The police were very nice and went upstairs to confront the offender. I climbed back into bed, worrying if I had made the right decision. Then I heard another knock on my door–the police again. And guess what he told me:

The tenant(s) are an ELDERLY COUPLE!

I was flabbergasted, like, “Whoa, are you SURE you got the right apartment? Did it look like they just moved in?” And the officer was like “Yeah, there’s nothing in there either, no rugs or furniture or anything.” Like, holy balls. This makes no damn sense. Noisy old people that stomp around the house 20 out of 24 hours a day? And, if there’s nothing in the house, then what are they stomping around for?! Obviously they aren’t “putting stuff away” as the management suggested with blind optimism. Seriously, WTF.

This gave me no peace of mind. I got a reply to the (semi-hostile) emails that I sent to the management saying they will either move us to a top-level apartment or let us out of our lease. And I pretty much resolved that I would need to move and started looking yesterday…

But then I went out last night with some girlfriends that are ‘real estate moguls’ around here, and told them that I don’t reeeeally feel like moving, and moreover I don’t want to shell out more money to move. I want to take a fuggin’ vacation with Mr. MLACS–tired of spending money on medical bills and car repairs and IUI’s and moving. So, with that information they unanimously agreed that I should take management up on moving to a top level apartment. And guess what else? I went to a college basketball game (box seats) and got kind of tipsy on a couple of cider beers and a couple glasses of wine. And then I came home, and didn’t really care if I heard any noise because going out with my girlfriends and getting tipsy gave me a (much needed)  ‘attitude adjustment’.

And then…it was quiet.

This is kind of awesome and annoying at the same time. Awesome because I wanted the Trolls to STFU. But annoying because they didn’t STFU until I stopped caring. Which leads me to…

When people ask me ‘what I’m doing’ I’ve begun to be honest about it–I’ve been Trying (with a capital ‘T’) to get pregnant. And then in the meantime looking for a satisfactory job. And as soon as I get my sh*t together, I’m going to start taking classes again.

And do you know what 2 out of 3 people have said to that???

“Well have you tried relaxing?” To which I reply “Well funny you say that, because I haven’t.” And then I let them tell me about so-and-so who relaxed and then had the twins… So far I find it more entertaining to play dumb. But this will get old quick. But since I also know people who have ‘relaxed’ and gotten pregnant recently, and since I ‘relaxed’ and the Trolls stopped banging around, it kind of leaves a question mark as to the validity of ‘relaxing’…it makes me doubt myself a little. Just sayin’.

In other news, I went to see my acupuncturist friend, Star. She fixed me right up! And she did what she calls ’emotional clearing’, which I’ve talked about before–it’s where I hold out my arm and she asks my body questions, then pushes on my arm, and if it ‘gives’ then she takes that as a ‘yes’. It’s really fascinating. It really deserves a post of it’s own but I’m not that educated about it so I’m going to tack it on to this post. But guess what? It would appear that I have an ingrained fear of having a traumatic birthing experience and that I am afraid my body cannot carry an deliver a child. That is not something that I discuss but it’s true. Hopefully, if this has been a factor in preventing healthy pregnancy, then it is now resolved. Interesting, yes? Gives me goosebumps.






18 thoughts on “News Of The Weird

  1. Your apartment complex needs to build better apartments that are more sound proof! Especially if old people are able to make that much noise just from walking around. Crazy!!

  2. I had an energy clearing of some sorts via a Bodytalk session in November. She said that I had some deep rooted fears that something bad would happen to my baby. Thinking back, it makes sense. My brother was born with some minor complications (only outcome was a slight learning disability) but my parents always reiterated the story while I was growing up. It’s funny how something we brush off can have such a deep effect on us emotionally. Hope the clearing proves to be effective for you! And glad to hear the old people have done toned it down. I seriously have no clue what they were doing.

    • YES! It is so odd to me that things I brushed off come up in these ’emotional clearing’ sessions! Like, stuff from when I was 21 or 22 years old–my life was pretty golden back then! Except, I had some body image issues and of course since I was on this path of self-discovery things were confusing…but I didn’t perceive any of it as being traumatic…but I guess I offended the hell out of my body because it keeps bringing up these issues. Like, “Sorry body, lets try to make amends, m’kay?” Sorry you’ve had those deep-rooted birth fears too 😦
      As for the Old Trolls (shall we call them OT’s?) they are still bangin’ around, but right now it’s not so bad that I want to kill them–it’s to a level where I just wish they would perish of natural causes or spontaneously combust. There’s no telling what they’re up to–old people are sneaky. XO

      • Hahaha Old people drive me crazy. When I have to get my betas done I try to go mid morning because first thing all of the fasting old folks are there complaining that the wait is too long. I try to be nice but sometimes I just can’t take it anymore. My friends all say I’ll be old one day too but I hope I have enough of my memory left to remember the things that drive me crazy today.

      • YES! I love sweet old people, but when we lived in Vegas on the edge of a luxury retirement community (must be 55+ to own a home on their fancy golf course) I encountered a bunch of self-important, impatient, rude, ridiculous old people and that burst my bubble about “respecting your elders”, and I thought (as you have) “Please God, don’t let me turn into one of THEM when I get older!” A fate worse than the ‘Zombie Apocalypse’. Amen. XO

  3. That emotional clearing sounds awesome. Hope it helps!

    As for the neighbours, hope they are more mindful in future and I think you should move up in the world (building). 😉

    There is something to relaxing. But who the heck can relax in the face of IF and other health issues?!?

  4. Ugh! Trying not to punch people who suggest to just relax or not try drives me crazy! I’m glad you had fun with your friends. I am absolutely fascinated by the procedure with Star. It sounds amazing.

  5. That is so weird about the old couple banging around with no furniture or anything! What the crap were they doing??? LOL! I’m happy that you were able to have a great night out with friends and relax a little though. Too funny about how people are asking you if you’ve relaxed. You have to amuse yourself with this kind of stuff or go crazy. Good luck with the new job hunt. I still the fertility clinic just doesn’t know who they’re missing out on!

  6. I think my original plan might have to go out the window (pardon the pun.) I think there are massive negative points in the universe for throwing old people out the window. If you just end up relaxing and getting pregnant – I think I will need to change the name of my blog… let me know 😉 Hugs to you and wishing you the best!

  7. I’ve never actually had someone ask “Have you tried relaxing?” Just people tell me that I need to relax. Since when is relaxing a method of treating a medical issue?! “Oh you have diabetes? Have you tried relaxing to regulate your insulin?” Don’t let them get inside your head, lady!

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