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Liebster Award

Oh, I thought this day would never come (no seriously, after my last post I was pretty damn sure I would not be nominated for a Liebster). Buuuuut, sometimes it’s great to be wrong! So I’d like to thank Alexis at My Silver Lining for nominating me–you da bomb! And while I’m at it, I’d like to thank all the other girls who actually invented awards for me, so thank you to: You Just Need To Relax (Empathy Award) and An Airman And A Doctor (Bloody Awesome Award) and The Unexpected Trip (The MLACS’ter Award) and Project Sweet Pea (Top Bird Award). I am tickled pink!

So, here’s Alexis’s questions:

1. What is your middle name? Um, ok. It’s Margaret, for my Grandma (the one who is fighting breast cancer at the moment).

2. When did you get married? Technically, September 27, 2011. Secretly. At a court house. Because I needed health insurance. But our wedding was in Hawaii. And the wedding was a dream come true. Right down to the pearly seashells I had incorporated into my all my bouquets and table settings. OH! And the fire dancers were badass.



3. Favorite event in the Winter Olympics? Well, I suppose the ice skating. Not that I’ve ever ice skated. I think I tried it once but blocked it from my memory because I was so bad at it.

4. Best thing about summer? Being in the water! Lightning bugs. BBQ’s.

5. Favorite TV Series? Well, the Real Housewives. But I’m a fan of Top Chef. And several others (anything on BRAVO).

6. Favorite music artist from the 70’s? Rick James, b*tch

7. Favorite movie from the 1990’s? SO MANY! Home Alone. Steel Magnolias. The list goes on….

8. Why do you blog? To get to the other side! No seriously, because I needed to talk about what was/is happening to me–last year was just too much.

I’m nominating: My entire blogroll. Because you are ALL badass and I’d love to learn more about ALL of you. Please answer the questions that I answered above (or make up your own) and it says you’re s’posed to include a link to my blog in your post, along with the pic of the Liebster Award. And no worries if you’ve already accepted a nomination or you’re just “not into it”. This is not a ‘publicity stunt’ to get my blog plastered all over the blogosphere–I just didn’t want to leave anybody out, cuz I don’t like being left out. And trust me, it was a REAL pain-in-da-ass to link all these blogs in this post. XO

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Lydia Seeks Bebe
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29 thoughts on “Sharing Is Caring

  1. Absolutely stunning wedding pictures… stunning. I also LOVE that you nominated your entire blog roll! hahahaha I LOVE it! I was going to nominate you because I’d been sitting on a nomination I haven’t had energy to do, but Alexis beat me to it! I guess I’ll start working on it now. Btw- I totally know it’s not a publicity stunt 🙂 I didn’t even think that when I saw that! 🙂 You’re seriously awesome!

    • Awe shucks thanks! I figured I’d share a little more than usual (I reeeeeally debated posting pics, but trusted my gut). Don’t you worry that you haven’t done an awards post, you just wait til it strikes your fancy (and hey, see how many nominations you can collect!) XOXO

  2. I love you. I really love that you had a secret wedding. Us too. With a weird Catholic guy who also practiced Buddhism and had a skull of a deer on the wall. We then ate McDonald’s after and spent the night in the military dorm. Hahaha! And I love, LOVE lightning bugs! I never saw one in real life until I was like 29 yo in Iowa. You are seriously amazing, and this is the best!!

  3. You wedding looked amazing!!!! Since I’ve already accepted an award, you’ve inspired me to do a weekly post with random (and not fertility related) facts about me. Thanks for sharing all of yours. 🙂

  4. I can’t believe no one has said Curling yet for favorite Olympic sport 😉 I do love a good Chappelle reference… And you are so nice to nominate your entire blogroll! Goes along well with the theme on inclusivity. You rock! 🙂

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