Awards Are Only Cool If I Get One

Rule #99 (if you haven’t read the handbook): Awards are only cool if MLACS gets one

And I’ve noticed that the Liebster has recently gone ‘viral’ amongst the RPL and IF bloggers, but I haven’t been nominated. So I may remedy the situation by making up my very own award and nominating myself for it. So there (sourpuss snotty-pants).

No actually I’m just kidding (ish).

Anywhoo…nothing super badass going on around here. I went to pick up Mr. MLACS from the airport in the city yesterday, and I spent a ridiculous amount of time perusing World Market because I wanted to buy something for the house. I found a ‘pouf’ and got all worked up and excited when I saw it was marked $20 (down from $79)…until I saw all the little foam beads leaking out of it…and the sales guy came along and I pointed out that it is leaking these beads and it appears there was no way to fix it (the torn inner shell was not accessible)…and he just shrugged his shoulders. Like, really dude? This thing is a worthless piece of sh*t that Goodwill would turn down, but you’re trying to sell it?! It was the first thing I saw and it killed my buzz when I realized it was unsalvageable and the sales guy didn’t give a rat’s ass. But…I continued to fiddle around and look at stuff, and I actually ended up buying: rosemary lavender hand soap (in a mason jar), chocolate (always), Moroccan Tangine sauce, and a loose-leaf tea diffuser cup (I only had one and needed another so I can make tea for visiting friends). I reeeeeeally struggled because I wanted to buy these linen curtains for our bedroom and the price was reasonable–$30 per panel ($60 for 2 panels). Buuuuuuut, I’m supposed to be saving money and I know there’s lots of other places I could put $60 to better use, so I ultimately ditched the curtains in the kitchen section (Isn’t that sh*tty of me not to put them back where they belong? Well, it’s a ‘wash’ due to the disappointing ‘pouf’ incident). I decided that I want to get a firm grip on our finances in 2014, so I ordered the Dave Ramsey ‘starter kit’ and it came in the mail the other day (I’m sure you ALL know who he is, since I seem to be the last one on earth to have heard of him–but click HERE if you want the details). I’ve only just begun to read his book, ‘Total Money Makeover’. But even though I haven’t even touched on Dave Ramsey’s financial planning tools, I had this little voice in the back of my head when I was looking at those curtains in World Market that was saying “What would Dave Ramsey do? Dave Ramsey would put the curtains down. Dammit.” So, while I cannot attest to the efficacy of Dave Ramsey’s financial planning tools, I can say that the system seems to be working for me because I now hear his voice in my head, chiding me for considering non-essential purchases after I proclaimed I wanted to dedicate 2014 to paying off debts. *Sigh*

I have been wanting to try Red Robin (a chain restaurant specializing in burgers) because they are the ONLY place I’ve heard of that serves a gluten-free bun. So after my less-than-stellar experience at World Market, I trotted over to Red Robin and enjoyed a burger on a gluten-free bun and a side of gluten-free fries (the fries were served with a gluten-free honey poppy seed sauce that was to die for). It was quite delicious!

Later, I checked into a hotel room (since Mr. MLACS was getting in suuuuper late) and I was pleasantly surprised by how nice and modern it was–I got a good price on and I was so happy with it that I wished I didn’t have to leave…but I had made plans to meet friends downtown for a fancy steak dinner. I was feeling ‘icky’ all day and was going to deny myself even a glass of wine…buuuuut, I ended up having a glass of Moscato and oddly enough I felt better afterwards (and drank tons of water at dinner). We had a lovely time and I was happy that I procured leftovers to bring to Mr. MLACS, since I felt guilty that he wasn’t there to enjoy it with us. It’s rare that I have an occasion to put on make-up these days and most of the stuff I wear is either spandex or has an elastic waistband, so this was a golden opportunity to put on ‘real’ clothes and polish myself up a bit. And the company was excellent!

After dinner my friends and I went our separate ways–I went back to the hotel room. Mr. MLACS’s flight kept getting more and more and more delayed. I was going to pick him up from the airport but his last flight didn’t arrive until 3am, so he ended up catching a cab. Poor guy! He was beyond exhausted. Well, and so was I. We slept in and ran to a couple more stores before we headed outta town–I had to go to Trader Joe’s (omg I love TJ’s) and also go to a gourmet cupcakery to grab my little sister her fav cupcake (Hey, maybe my award can be the “Best Big Sister” award). We also had lunch at (my fav) PF Chang’s on our way out of town–I had their gluten-free chicken lettuce wraps and those filled me up, so I was able to box most of my gluten-free fried rice to take home. Yummmmm.

We left the city just in time, as it was ‘misting’ and the closer we got to our hometown, the slicker the roads got. By the time we reached our town, the highway traffic was moving at a snails pace due to accidents and then it took us an HOUR to drive through town to get to our house–I had a couple close calls where I was sliding and might have easily caused an accident–thank the Lord we made it home ok. And now, it’s just me, Mr. MLACS, and kitty all tucked away in our cozy little apartment–he’s playing Grand Theft Auto 5 (PS3) and I’m blogging while watching ‘Sense and Sensibility’, having just finished my leftover gluten-free fried rice from PF Chang’s. Life is good.

Oh, and as for the TWW…well, I’m definitely convinced that the Clomid and Femara do bad things to me, because I’m having far less symptoms this month since we only used Bravelle (I actually let Mr. MLACS touch my boobs! Cuz they don’t hurt. He was shocked. And very happy. TMI. Sorry.) We also did the horizontal mambo, without lube (well, except for the progesterone supps), and it didn’t hurt. I actually have cervical mucus–and it’s great 🙂 XO


19 thoughts on “Awards Are Only Cool If I Get One

  1. I really, truly adore you…and you really do deserve some pretty damn awesome awards. I am kinda sad at myself for not asking you loads of weird questions for that L one ( 😉 ) just so I could stalk you a bit more. So how about a Bloody Awesome Award? Heart ya lady!!

    • The ‘Bloody Awesome’ award carries a certain edge–I like it! Don’t feel bad about dissing me for the ‘L’ award (ok, feel a little bit bad, that’s ok). Kidding! Totally kidding. Thanks for the compliments lover buns 🙂

  2. As far as the award goes.. you have one coming your way for sure. I just have to take the time to write it. 🙂 But I do think you should make up an award.. DO IT! I LOVE that idea! Ha! Good for you for ordering Dave Ramsey’s starter kit! That’s awesome! My husband and I did that and were able to get out of debt except for his school loans. However, when I quit teaching I freaked out because we started putting stuff on credit again. But we are in the process of digging back out, but it does work for sure!! Also, I LOVE Red Robin! 🙂 I’m also glad that you are having less symptoms and that’s good to know- I hated Clomid! (It’s also good for Mr. MLACS’s too) lol 🙂

    • See that’s why I had to buy Dave Ramsey’s stuff–I’ve heard nothing but success stories–thanks for sharing & validating that decision! Clomid is the worst, followed by Femara–doing only injectables felt like a “vacation”, except that it took A LOT more of them when I didn’t jump-start the cycles with Femara–but you have proven that you don’t need much stims so no worries. In my town we have fudrucker’s, 5 guys, culvers…but no red robin (sad face) buuuuut I can go there every 2 weeks in the city when I drop Mr. MLACS off at the airport! That’s good enough I suppose! XOXO 🙂

  3. Glad to hear that you had a nice time in the city with friends. So sorry the Mr.’s flight was so late getting in, though. I’m glad you had a nice hotel room to rest up in! I cannot wait for your two week wait to be up. I think you and I are right there together. I totally caved and tested at 7 dpo on a walmart cheapie. I got exactly what I expected, a BFN but who gets positives at 7 dpo? LOL! I’m good either way this month.

    • Mel, I’m totally laughing cuz I know you know better than to test at 7dpo! C’mon silly girl! Best I ever got was a shadow-line on a FRER at 10dpo. I’m not planning to test before my beta, but I might cave (I have one FRER in the house and a CBD). I hope you get your 2nd line this month! XOXO

  4. Soooooooo I hope you know you were at the top of my list before I officially nominated you! And now I’m being a little stalkerish. I love world market and I know they don’t have them in too many cities and we also got the ice crap the other day! Wonder if we’re close-ish!

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