Commence TWW

Hey guys, I updated my IUI #3 on my menu, with all the details and drama of the last 2 weeks (with updated drama and stats from insemination day). I have to go back and edit to include all the drugs and supps I’m taking–including the prednisone–aka prednisolone if you wanna act British (or if you are actually British). Yes, Dr. Angel kindly obliged my request for more drugs. He really melted my heart when he suggested to begin Heparin after a positive pregnancy test–love this guy–now that’s one less thing I need to badger him about (I hate badgering people). I believe (I choose to believe) that I ovulated within a few hours of my IUI yesterday, and it was confirmed (via dildocam) that I did ovulate within the 24 hours post-insemination. And today I will begin progesterone suppositories. And now I wait.

I’m a “pro” at taking corticosteroids. I’ll take a moment to explain how they work in case any of you were wondering. First off, people confuse corticosteroids with anabolic steroids–they are TOTALLY different. Corticosteroids (most commonly prednisone) stimulate your adrenal glands to secrete cortisol and adrenaline. This, in turn, suppresses your immune system. Cortisol is known as the “stress hormone”–it is secreted when you are stressed–which explains why you are more likely to become sick (like, with a cold) during times when you’ve been under a lot of stress for an extended period of time. Unfortunately, while cortisol is prodigious at quieting your immune system (and suppressing inflammation) it has a host of sh*tty side effects that you’ll notice if you take it over a period of time. One is that you feel *stressed* (cortisol) and another is that you feel *anxious* (adrenaline–your ‘fight or flight’ response hormone). Also, you probably know (from Dr. Oz or from some commercial) that cortisol causes you to retain fat in your midsection–this is a fact. Corticosteroids actually do the EXACT OPPOSITE of what anabolic steroids do–corticosteroids screw you over ROYALLY because they preferentially break down your muscle and use it as energy, rather than using your fat. And if that wasn’t bad enough, corticosteroids encourage your body to store any carbs or fat that you eat as bodyfat (especially on your stomach), rather than using them for energy. You all know that eating protein builds muscle, right? And we’ve established that corticosteroids ‘eat’ your muscle and store any carbs and fat you eat (conveniently) in your midsection, right? So then, it’s imperative that you eat A LOT of protein and as little carbs and fat as possible when you are on corticosteroids long-term. Currently I’m only taking 10mg, which is not much, but when I’ve had to take 40mg a day for extended periods (months), I couldn’t afford to eat poorly because of the consequences.

Anabolic steroids are the kind that bodybuilders use to add muscle and cut fat. Your doctor will never prescribe you anabolic steroids (well, incredibly rarely). So, if any of you have a reason to take corticosteroids, now you’ll understand that they WON’T make you bulky like a bodybuilder, and in fact, they will waste your muscle and add fat to your midsection with a quickness if you don’t eat properly (high protein, low carbs/fats). Corticosteroids also make your face puffy (it’s called ‘moon face’) and I get that even on 10mg. But I don’t care if I have ‘moon face’ in Myrtle’s wedding pictures, if it means I’m pregnant at her wedding. And, I am careful to take my prednisone in the morning, so that I can take advantage of the adrenaline and have a nice burst of energy to start my day and the cortisol doesn’t affect me too much. DO NOT take corticosteroids at night if you can possibly avoid it, because you won’t be able to sleep and may find yourself rocking back-and-forth and crying on the couch all by yourself at 4am (why yes, that has happened to me, MANY times). Don’t know if y’all wanted to know any of this stuff, but I just felt like sharing it. XO

25 thoughts on “Commence TWW

  1. Welcome to the TWW! It’s cool that they confirmed with you that you’ve ovulated. That was never done to me, but I did wonder if they just assume that the trigger shot really did what it’s supposed to do. Anyhow, I hope this round will work for you with all those meds that your are taking on top of it. Fingers crossed X

  2. I’m so glad your Dr agreed to the prednisolone! He sounds like he’s really on your side which is so important. Everything is crossed that can be!

  3. Yay for you taking control! Yay for Dr Angel agreeing! I have a very good feeling about all this hun!! Crossing everything crossable this is your last 2ww for a long time xx

  4. My baby sister was on Prednisone for years as a child. i remember her poor puffy face. It also made her ravenously hungry…she’d eat until she threw up and then eat more if we let her. I remember that we had to keep her out of the kitchen. I’m so glad that Dr. Angel is so accomodating to you. I love the more positive notes in this post. Thinking of you and sendign baby vibes your way!

  5. I hope this is your cycle! I had to take prednisone for two months before for extremely low platelets during my second miscarriage. When I was in the hospital having the miscarriage, they had me on 80mg of prednisone and then they slowly tapered off. It was torture! I was already an emotional mess but it just turned me into a monster. And my face definitely puffed up big time after taking that stuff for two months.

    • Oh Amber! 80mg is A LOT! I was hospitalized for my colitis & given intravenous steroids (at a high dose) for 10 days–I literally gained 30lbs and none of my clothes fit for a couple of weeks until I dropped a lot of the fluid I was retaining. It was awful 😦 Thank God we’re both better (and gluten-free)! XO

  6. I’m currently in the TWW myself (4dpo). Happy to be as well since last month I didn’t even ovulate. Hoping for good things at the end of this two weeks 🙂 good luck to you!!!!

    • Hey girl! That’s so awesome of you! I’m in the city to pick up Mr. MLACS from the airport late tonight (hoping he makes his connecting flight). Going to a nice dinner with friends–great distraction! Little irritated that I can’t drink cuz of the prednisone (hard on the liver) so not even a glass. This will all be worth it in the end…I keep repeating this to myself…XOXO

      • If this cycle gets you that healthy baby you won’t care about that drink- it will SO be worth it in the end, but I’m so happy you’re getting your mind off of things. Enjoy your time with the Mr. Hopefully he makes his connecting flight. 🙂

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