No I DO NOT Have To Be Happy…

…For Mr. MLACS’s friends who are pregnant or who have just given birth. I just glanced at a postcard and at first I thought it was junk mail, but I took a second look…the only thing it had on the back was our address, but on the front there was a picture of a chalk drawing with a Dad and Mom and little girl…and it says “Our Stick Figure Family” with the Family name on it…I was trying to figure out the point of this postcard–was it a Christmas card? There was no greeting on it of any kind…upon further inspection, I figured it out: The “Mommy” stick figure had a bump. It’s a f*cking pregnancy announcement. Since f*ing when do people need to announce their pregnancy via postcard? Isn’t facespace sufficient? And hey, if you want me to pay attention, how bout write something on the damn postcard, instead of making me interpret your damn chalk art (which btw I find kind of clever, but that’s beside the point). The POINT is that Mr. MLACS and I visited this family over the summer and they know we’re having trouble…and I now suspect she was preggers during our visit. They already have one beautiful baby girl that was conceived within 2 weeks of deciding to “try”. I mean, they’re nice people, but they are the lucky ones. And I personally am in no condition to be celebrating blatant pregnancy announcements (yes I said blatant). So I went in and told Mr. MLACS that his friends are pregnant again and he gets this goofy grin on his face and says “That’s great!” and I just wanted to smack him. I replied “No it’s NOT” and he says “Well c’mon you gotta be happy for them” and I said “NO I DON’T”. F* that sh*t. I most certainly DO NOT have to be happy.

And his other friend, I may as well just “hate” on her while I’m “hating” on his aforementioned friends. Ember is a sweet, innocent, fresh-faced young woman…a girly-girl…the kind of girl who has been planning her wedding since she was 5 years old and didn’t wait a month post-nuptials to start trying. Now, I can appreciate that she had a chemical pregnancy, so it’s not like she is a stranger to crushed dreams. But I have had to watch her document her pregnancy week-by-week for the last 6 months, and then there was a montage of maternity pictures toward the end, and then birth pictures, and now it’s pictures of 1 week old, one month of every f*ing relative in her and her DH’s family holding the damn baby, pictures of the baby in her crib-in a chair-on the floor…it’s like a constant stream of pregnancy/baby porn. And tonight I sniped at Mr. MLACS “This kid is going to think it’s the center of the damn universe”, and Mr. MLACS goes “So?” and I’m like “Well that turns your kid into a brat” and Mr. MLACS is like “Oh leave Ember alone”. You know what, Ember is a nice girl but I’m deleting her from my newsfeed. Every time she pops up I get more and more frustrated, even though I know she’s not trying to antagonize me I just LOATHE her naivety; she’s petite and pretty and sweet and she is in sheer bliss about her blossoming little family. And I f*ing can’t look at one more f*ing photo. And Mr. MLACS just thinks I’m being petty. Which I totally am being petty, but a true best friend will not tell you you’re being petty–a true best friend will be like “Yeah, f* her and her stupid ugly baby–your baby will be WAY cuter.” WTF Mr. MLACS? I thought you were on my team?!

20 thoughts on “No I DO NOT Have To Be Happy…

  1. Ugh! I hear you! The cute little holiday greetings and picture cards of all our family and friend’s kids have started arriving and while I love all these children so much, each card that arrives take a small piece of my heart with it. It’s impossible to not feel our losses and disappointments when other people flaunt their fruitfulness. And even though we care about them, we hate them in these moments. It’s completely understandable! I’m on your team! It’s your turn now. Praying that by this time next year, you’ll be on the other side of this and sending your own card. Hugs!

    • That’s so kind of you! It’s SO much easier to be happy for fellow bloggers than it is to be happy for all the average people popping out their 2.5 kids without a second thought–I know you know what I’m talkin’ bout. I’m feeling very insecure about my IUI now and it’s making me more defensive because I have this tension built up over it. Blah. XO

      • I do know what you mean. It’s sucks that we feel this way, but how can we not? Everything that can be crossed is crossed for you hon. Hang in there!

      • Haha! Baby porn! It seems like every other post on my newsfeed is a baby picture or pregnancy related status. Completely fucks me off. I’m like: how is it fair that those brain dead bonzos can procreate and I can’t?!

  2. F*ck her and her stupid baby! There is a FB app called unbabyme that will put a placeholder over pics from certain friends. Haven’t tried it myself yet but am tempted. My own Mr MLACS has the same reaction, seemingly unaffected by baby announcements. Eventually it gets to him.

    • Lol no way, there’s an App for that?! There’s an App for everything then I guess! As for the Mr.’s, they are just dumb for asking things like “Why, what’s wrong?” when we snarl at a pregnancy announcement. Most. Redundant. Question. Ever. XO

  3. my husband used to be the same way, drove me insane. it took a long time (like 2 years and 4 losses) but now he gets as angry as I do. hopefully you’ll just be pregnant before he gets to that point though.

    • I suppose “better late than never” but the thing is (and I pointed this out to him) that I always stand with him–he hates his boss/I hate his boss, even though I personally have no reason to hate his boss. Women understand that we do this for one another to support each other. Duh.

  4. I’ve also found that men need to be told. 🙂 Usually before I tell my husband about so and so who’s now pregnant. I tell him how I’d like him to react. Yes.. I really do that. Men are just clueless they just don’t know. They are pretty simple you know. The conversation usually starts like this: “So before I tell you this. I need you to know that I’m feeling frustrated and mad, I need you to feel that same way.” He usually laughs, but he still plays along.

    Sorry it was a postcard. That will be added to the list of stuff that I just won’t do when I’m pregnant.

  5. I was reading this entire thing thinking, I SO wish we knew each other in real life so we could bitch and wine to each other about stupid pregnant b*tches! Ha…ughh that postcard would have made me punch something I’m sure. My husband is the same way. Sometimes I want to punch him lol.

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