Are You There Oprah? It’s Me, MLACS…

Totally chaotic post…just gotta get it out…the first step to solving a problem is admitting you have a problem…

I’m sitting on my couch in my fuzzy pink bathrobe, watching Oprah’s “Super Soul Sunday” on her OWN network, and I’m on the verge of tears and I’m trying to figure out what, exactly, is causing me this unrest…

Here’s the background: My dear departed Mother was a HUGE fan of Oprah (but nowhere near obsessed, just appreciative). When she was diagnosed with terminal cancer I wanted to contact Oprah and tell her how amazing my mother is and have Oprah listen to her and hold her hand and tell her she’s wonderful and give her a trip to her orphanage in Africa or something along those lines. And I did write to Oprah, but I was overwhelmed and unprepared to do something more extreme to get Oprah’s attention. And really, I realized, that shouting my mother’s praises to the world on Oprah and sending her to Africa would not make her life any more or less meaningful–I realized you do not have to be a billionaire or start an orphanage to signify that you meant something to this world. I could get all Eastern philosophical on you but you know what I’m talking about–if you don’t and you’re curious then may I recommend the teachings of the Dalai Lama.

Anyhow, I haven’t been following Oprah since she left daytime television, because her network cost extra to add to my cable packages and also I’m sure because Oprah reminds me of my Mom and the many things I wanted for her that I couldn’t give her in this life. This sh*t is heavy and I can only deal with it in small doses. In fact, I’ll just keep rolling here, I’ve wondered more than once–since disease is called dis-ease and some say it is a sickness of the soul–if I just sat here and thought of every fear or sadness I’ve ever had, and cried it out, if maybe my Ulcerative Colitis and other immune issues would go away. But I haven’t been compelled to try that. But I digress…I just flipped on the tv last Sunday and Oprah was talking to this older woman with dreadlocks and I was intrigued so I began watching “Super Soul Sunday”, which is where Oprah talks to people (I think mostly authors and public figures) who have spiritual messages about life. It’s intense. And today, Oprah is talking to Mark Nepo (who I haven’t read) about what brain cancer taught him. This guy is a PhD. He’s written a bunch of books. And Oprah thinks he’s a prophet. It makes me Feel. So. Small. And who am I now? I used to relish philosophical conversations and awakenings, and now I’m pained when I watch somebody else experiencing this sort of freedom and lightness of their soul. I feel so tired and heavy. And I don’t even know what the hell is burdening me, exactly, how to get rid of it, how to make sense of it.

I wonder how much of this is a mid-life crisis and how much of it is hormonal. I’m on day 5 of Femara. Anybody else found themselves under fire from random bullets of emotion? Did it stop when you quit the Femara? Just wondering. I would like to think that this will all resolve its self (probably wishful thinking and I should probably get some therapy). I had a fight with Mr. MLACS the other day that seriously challenged my will to procreate. He should’ve known better than to berate me for anything, given that: I had a hellatious week at the new job (which was a disappointment); I feel unsettled and somewhat ashamed about quitting the job (even though I KNOW it was the right decision); I had to fight with Freedom Fertility Pharmacy and jump through hoops to get my drugs; I’m frustrated about our finances; I miss him terribly; I have no idea what I will do with myself–whether I get pregnant or not–I realized that I need to start setting goals…short-term, attainable goals, and fulfill my purpose beyond wife and motherhood…I feel like I’m just waiting to exhale. Mr. MLACS spoke to me as if I hadn’t a care in the world. And that PISSED ME OFF and got me really, really, upset. So upset, between this fight and the other above mentioned factors, I was rendered useless yesterday and spent the entire damn day in my pink reindeer pajamas stalking your blogs and googling sh*t. I did however force myself to the gym for 45min of cardio, because I know it is important to our procreational efforts. But I’m feeling literally and figuratively stuck inside a box, as I haven’t left the house.

I was supposed to meet Dr. Angel at 7am this morning to have an US and learn how to shoot my Bravelle. I even took a cold pack and placed it in my box of drugs and paraphernalia, and then placed the box in the car, just so I wouldn’t forget it. I was so anxious I couldn’t get to sleep! And he had told me to page him at the hospital juuuuust in case he was there doing a delivery. So I paged him. And of course, he was there attending to a first-time-mom who was just 6cm dilated. Just my luck. He said he’d call me and I haven’t heard from him, so I suppose this kid is taking it’s sweet time entering the world. It’s stupid but this also makes me feel small, like, her having a baby vs. me needing to shoot my drugs is no-contest as to which is more significant. And then this brings up the feelings of: it was supposed to be MY turn in October. It could’ve been me in those stirrups, but it’s not. I don’t dwell on this much (I’m not a “dweller” in general, I’m impatient and hurry to move on) but it’s worth mentioning because these feelings are there.

I’m f*ing frustrated. I don’t understand what is happening to me, but I have been stumbling through dark and unfamiliar times in my life and I know that I will be able to look back with perspective when I’ve reached the other side of this bridge. It’s just, I didn’t realize I was even ON a bridge (metaphor for I didn’t realize I was in crisis/a life transition) until I was already in the thick of it. Like I was just ambushed by life.

And by the way, you know (I think) that I am a spiritual person and I believe that these uncomfortable, painful experiences in life are growing pains and ultimately a gift. I may be empowered by whatever self discovery or nugget of universal truth that may be gleaned from weathering this storm. Are you listening Oprah???

**also I must add that Oprah films her “Super Soul Sunday” at her estate on Maui, and glimpsing the islands makes me feel very homesick–the Midwest is my Roots but Hawaii is my Wings–I miss the Aina, Kai, and Mauka…I felt that freedom and lightness of spirit there. That’s a tale for another time.

22 thoughts on “Are You There Oprah? It’s Me, MLACS…

  1. HUGS. Also, anything you take that is supposed to affect your ovaries DEFINITELY screws with your mood. Being super emotional, unfortunately, is par for the course. So keep writing it out.

  2. Ah. What chaos. Am in chaos with you. It sucks. No words. I’m sorry to hear about the fight with your man. Each weekend is a challenge for me & DH because this is the only time I get to truly recognize the awfulness of my feelings and situation and say/do/feel what I want to say/do/feel all week long but have to instead be sally social worker, smiling. But I did get a 90 min massage today, which helped calm. Good for you for getting out and doing cardio when you were feeling boxed—it is not easy to do that! I know what you mean about successful moms trumping us with our shots. The last consultation we had with our local RE he was stupid enough to say he had to jump in his batmobile to go do this super-awesome thing for this super-awesome woman and her successful super-awesome treatment. I wanted to punch him in his tan nose.

    On a lighter note, I like the sound of your pink reindeer pajamas.

    sometimes wonder maybe should really just get the hell out of this mess? Adoption? Or “child-free” as they say? do you ever go there in your wonderings?

    • Woman, your hormones are more f*d up than mine, and you are being tortured by your boss in the wake of a tragedy. You are in no place mentally/emotionally to make decisions about quitting vs. trying–HUGS–of course we all wonder how much more we can tolerate & when to walk a different path (such as adoption, etc.) There is a light at the end of the tunnel. XO

  3. You should not feel one iota of guilt for quitting that job. It wasn’t a good fit, plain and simple. I can really relate to the feeling of trying to find yourself outside of being a wife and mother. I gave up my career, because it wasn’t conducive to procreating, and I have felt a little lost for almost 3 years now….”waiting to exhale”…you pretty much nailed it there. So many days I ask what is my purpose if it’s not being a mother right now? Trying to ponder your purpose in life is not an easy thing throughout infertility, esp. if you aren’t extremely invested in a career. I totally understand, and you are not alone feeling this way! I hope the mood lightens a bit for you now that the Femara is done.

  4. Today is day five of femara for me too. I’ve been pretty emotional the past few weeks, but for me it was way worse when I was taking the prometrium. It’s tapered off some thank goodness. Hang in there. Last Thursday night I fell apart into a million pieces just because I missed chief and my work sucks and I want to be pregnant and blah blah blah. Hormones are a bitch.

  5. Hang in there sweetie. I’m sure Mr. MLACS didn’t intend to make your journey seem so trivial. He probably misses you too and is upset that finances are tight. I’ve found that most of the time when I think Hubby is being a jerk, it’s because he feels like a failure because he can’t do X,Y or Z for me. It’s really hard on him when I have to take meds that fuck me up. Not that I want to minimize your feelings, just trying to offer a different perspective. I think what you’re feeling right now, whether it’s from the Femara or not, is a good sign. When we become this introspective, it usually helps to motivate us once we figure out what we need. You are doing the right thing for yourself. It was the right move to quit that job. It was the right move to listen to your thoughts and to start thinking about goal setting. I’m confident that big things are coming your way. You are being proactive and getting prepared. Sending you clarity of mind, compassion, support, courage, and a bunch of love! You got this, Girl!

  6. Yeppers – my vote is hormones too. BCP made me CRAZY! I swear…like I’d be in the middle of an emotional breakdown before I even knew what was happening. Hugs to you – that was so great about what you wanted to do for your mom. She must have been very special!

  7. Awe I miss Hawaii too! So much! It’s where my heart began to heal. As for everything else, I think you did a great job of communicating it. Even though you’ve moved on from where you lived before to this new place near family, you’re still slightly in limbo, trying to find your way and purpose while also trying to make a baby. It’s a lot. And I’m glad you’re letting yourself feel it and think about it, because you’re right, in doing so you’ll grow. Love you madly my dear and I’m sure Oprah would too if she knew you. 🙂

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