BFN. BFN. BFN…Infinity…

Quick Update:

My day got off on the wrong foot–can you guess what happened??? You are correct if you guessed that I tested with a FRER and got a Big. Fat. Negative. at 12dpo. I told myself “it’s going to be negative, so don’t freak out and panic and try to find that second line that isn’t there”. And I played it pretty cool, I think. But then Mr. MLACS called and upon hearing him say he’s sorry and we’ll try again my voice cracked and the tears of frustration, sadness, and embarrassment that I didn’t even know I was fighting started pouring out. Then Mr. MLACS said something I didn’t expect since finances are super tight this month–he asked me what it would cost us to do the medicated cycle (Letrozole + Bravelle + HCG Trigger, with Ultrasounds and IUI) and I told him, and he said “I may be able to swing that”. WOW. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Mr. MLACS.

So today I called Express Scripts to see about pricing the Letrozole and even though I figured it wasn’t covered I asked about my coverage for Bravelle…and guess what…it’s covered! Not entirely, as I believe I am responsible for 10% of the cost of generic and 40% of the cost of name brand, but that’s better than I expected! I’ll take it! After that I was frantically calling my OBGYN Dr. Angel’s office trying to get a script for the meds. The Bravelle must come from Freedom Pharmacy, and in my experience they take forever to get the order filled and the meds shipped, so I was thrilled when Dr. Angel himself called me back and I was able to explain all of this to him–and he happily agreed to send the prescriptions today. I LOVE this guy! I think a medicated cycle in November may actually happen! Goosebumps.

As a side note, did you guys know that Express Scripts (the only mail order pharmacy I know of in the US since they took over Medco) also owns Freedom Fertility Pharmacy? Can you say “Monopoly”?!! This is just insane to me, that they get away with this. And explain to me why Freedom Pharmacy was going to charge me $350 for ONE month of Endometrin, but Express Scripts only charged me $45 for a month??? Please, explain to me why two companies that are part of the same corporation and both contracted through my insurance are charging such drastically different prices for the same product. Why is nobody talking about this Monopoly? Is this part of our “healthcare reform”, that there should be no competition in the gazillion dollar pharmaceutical market in America? Wth dude. End rant.




9 thoughts on “BFN. BFN. BFN…Infinity…

  1. Sorry for the BFN, but isn’t it still early? Is there any hope? That is so weird about the pharmacies charging different prices, but thankful you do have some coverage. Hope you are able to be kind to yourself this weekend and find a way to smile. 🙂

    • I don’t have much hope (there’s always a sliver), because I had a FRER detect a Beta of 5 with my last chemical pregnancy, I’m convinced that a negative at 12dpo (not even a squinter) is the final word. Thank you for your kindness–and I have perked up at the prospect of this next cycle 🙂

      • Wow really at 5? That is crazy! I’ve actually had two pregnancies where I had -FRER’s at 13dpo, yet I was pregnant…faint line on Wondfo, but zilch on FRER. I think batches within these brands must vary in sensitivity or something. If you know in your heart, then I don’t want to string along hope. Sorry you didn’t get the nice surprise of a dark second line. I know how bad that burns when it happens. Glad you are looking ahead to a bigger and better cycle!

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