My Uterus is Beautimous

So, I woke Mr. MLACS up at the crack of dawn today in anticipation of my HSG. I actually decided to take the suggested 800mg of Ibuprofen, for a couple reasons:

1. My friend couldn’t find her Naproxen and I didn’t want to take narcotics.

2. Almost all of you ladies who replied said it wasn’t terribly painful, which gave me the courage to save my narcotics for other, more festive, occasions (hate to waste ’em).

I am ridiculously comfortable in hospitals (one of the many reasons I’ve decided to become a nurse) and I really like the hospital where I had the HSG. It’s the same hospital where I was born, but of course it’s been renovated and outfitted with the latest technology–and according to Mr. MLACS the cafeteria proudly serves Starbucks coffee, which lends major credibility to the entire establishment IMHO. I’m almost looking forward to coming back next week for my Remicade infusion–the gift shop was closed today but it looks like a treasure trove! Anybody else appreciate hospital gift shops? Am I the only one with this fetish?

Anyways, the procedure was quick and extremely uncomfortable, but the discomfort was brief. And being the geek that I am, I was giddy to see the x-rays of my pelvis (lower spine and hips) and my dye-filled uterus. Drum roll….it was totally “normal”. Both fallopian tubes were open and spilling. Tah dah! I can now cross off “uterine abnormalities” from my list of potential issues.

I am totally grateful for the good news; despite the anxiety I had leading up to the procedure, it was totally worth it.

Have a great weekend ladies! XO

16 thoughts on “My Uterus is Beautimous

  1. Eh…I’ve heard different. Before I had mine, I was terrified after reading that some women compared the pain to being stabbed – but I think a lot of it has more to do with whether you have any blockage and, if so, how much. So consider yourself lucky – I had more or less the same experience which I’m definitely chalking up to the fact that, like you, I had no blockage.

  2. Congrats on having free flowing tubes! My second hsg was scheduled the day after I had a CT scan (with barium). No one realized that the barium would still be visible on the xray screen 24 hours later… the doctors were so puzzled as to what was in my bowels. It still cracks me up to think about it!

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