October 12, 2013

If my first pregnancy had succeeded, I would be holding my first baby in my arms today (my estimated due date).

I’m doing ok though, had plenty of good people and special events to distract me. Today is not all “doom & gloom” (although I did see a couple pregnant bellies–you know how that goes).

“Aunt flow” came to town yesterday, which is good because I can call and schedule my HSG on Monday. But bad because my cramps are fierce, which adds insult to injury (injury being: I’m not pregnant, fo’ shizzle).

On the Ulcerative Colitis ‘front’, I switched oral meds this week to something that is easier to swallow (traded 6 capsules for 3 tablets–I can now take all my morning meds in one gulp! Score!) But now I’m ‘flaring’ again (gas/bloat/irregular bowels) and it could be from new meds…could be I need my Remicade infusion again (it’s been 6 weeks)…or could be the weather cooling off (my colon despises climatic shifts). Who knows?! I’m not ‘sposd to get the Remi for 2 more weeks, but I might re-schedule my infusion for this week if my colon won’t STFU. Stupid colon!

Also, on the Mr. MLACS ‘front’–he has spoken to his supervisor about getting on the schedule that will bring him home for the latter half of each month (for procreation & holidays)…and supervisor said “no problem”. Cool beans 🙂

15 thoughts on “October 12, 2013

  1. Aside from the fact that I’ve NEVER been pregnant and therefore can’t begin to relate, truthfully, to the heartache you must be feeling today, I SO can relate to what you wrote about how AF just adds insult to injury. I’ve spent more than 2 decades in pain and misery – I can still recall times when my mother had to come pick me up at school because they were so bad. And I have NOTHING to show for it. 😦 😦 Glad to see your hubs has a decent supervisor though!

    • Well, yes, I sometimes wonder if.. I had a choice to NOT be pregnant at all vs. miscarriage, what would I choose? Can’t answer that. Same as the question of prolonged death from cancer (painful to watch but allows you to say goodbye) vs. sudden death (ignorance is bliss)…and I also can’t decide. Basically, all options suck equally. Sorry. And cramps suck too!

  2. Ouch sorry on so many levels hun. I hate anniversaries like this. It’s never easy ever. And AF certainly makes things worse, she’s got a habit of doing that no doubt. But pleased about the improvement in the TTC scheduling, that’s really great news. Good luck with the HSG, my advice is to get as many painkillers as possible in you before you go in. Will be thinking of you xx

    • Amen for painkillers! I’m thinking I’ll start with Naproxen, because I don’t want my shiny new God-fearing favorite OBGYN to think I’m a junkie. But afterwards, if the occassion warrants it, I’ll have some Vicodin in my pocket. XO

  3. Due dates that weren’t are never easy. Hugs my friend. Glad your hubby’s boss is being so understanding, and hopefully this time next year you’ll be holding that baby in your arms!

  4. I’m so sorry…my due date will be March 5th and I am already dreading the day so I can just imagine how you must be feeling. And to have AF to boot must have really sucked. But I am glad you got the HSG scheduled and that’s good news about your husband’s work!

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